And Then it Hit Me

Just Let it Go, Just Walk Away

Let it Go and find your Freedom

And Then it Hit Me. Just Let it Go, Walk Away.

I thought I found the strength I had been seeking all my life. And Then it Hit Me, Just Let it Go.

The more I had to defend. The tighter I cling, ever so tightly, to the thing, I was fearing to lose. The more strength it took from me,  the weaker I became.

And Then it Hit Me, Just Let it Go, Just Walk Away in strength.

That thing I was clinging to, was never really mine.

Letting Go

Just Let it Go. Cling to nothing and you will have nothing to defend.

So why was I holding on so tightly? Was it pride, a principle, was it fear, was it ego, was it belief? The one thing I do know, it’s not Love. Love is open arms and the tighter I cling and close my arms around this thing, I was trying to hold on to. I found, I was always left holding only myself. Every time.

And then it Hit Me. I am tired of playing the game of life that is fixed. So why try? Why do your best trying and trying and expending all that energy playing a game that is already lost.


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