The Voice of Knowledge

The Voice of Knowledge speaks.

The Voice of Knowledge

The Voice of Knowledge. Hearing the Truth

Learn how to listen.

The Voice of Knowledge says, in the moment when we separated from God, we began to seek God. For the love we believe we don’t have. Humanity continues to search for justice, beauty, for the truth. We feel is out there, somewhere in this reality.

Humanity is seeking the way it use to be. Things change! Before we believed the non truths we have been taught. We listen to The Voice of Knowledge as it speaks to us. In search of our Spiritual self. Our Totality?

The Voice of Knowledge continually speaks to our mind telling us loudly what is right and wrong, what is beautiful, what is ugly. The Voice of Knowledge never stops judging our intent, beliefs, our actions.

The creations of God

The Voice of Knowledge whispers in our heads

The Voice of Knowledge


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  1. Warrior December 23, 2013 at 6:41 am

    The voice of knowledge told me I shouldn’t comment but spirit said I should. Dueling banjo’s a playin. I want to say thanks for spreading so much truth and love on your site CJC. It’s helped me immensely. Spirit speaks through your writings and talks to my inner being. Even when I ‘think’ I’m not getting anything from it. I know by now to not trust the thoughts but listening to the inner voice and you showed me that.

    Happy Holidays!

    _Santa Warrior out

    • Doowans News&Events December 23, 2013 at 10:43 am

      Ho, Ho, Ho, Your welcome my friend. Spirit is the best gift anybody can receive. I am glad yours arrived safely. Enjoy!

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