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Gmo Armageddon

Gmo Armageddon and the Human Condition (Diseases) Last Month was Non Gmo month, not nearly long enough to bring all the facts to the forefront in this Gmo Armageddon. Could the new Disease conditions we are seeing now be caused by eating Gmo foods? What do you feel? Question: What was the last Disease that was been Cured, (not treated), but cured? Can you [...]

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Farmer Speaks on GMOZ

Farmer Speaks on GMOZ The Farmer Speaks on GMOZ.We had to spray more Chemicals on GMOZ Crops. As promised, Farmer Speaks on GMOZ has been posted by This is the Farmers article. These are his words talking about his experience with GMOZ. Mosanto makes claims that they can't even back up with science and we are supposed to believe them.  They [...]

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GMOZ and You

GMOZ and You have been the topic on everybody's minds lately! We have brought you the most up to date information we could find. How are we doing so far? When you garden with Heirloom varieties they have been proven safe to consume. As and added bonus you can harvest the seeds from your plants and grow them next year. Creating a never-ending cycle [...]

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GMOZ Evil begets GMOZ Evil

Went GMOZ Evil begets GMOZ Evil We the People lose. After spending millions on their attempt to defeat Prop 37 in California Monsanto needs help. Also known as Monsatan, which we feel is a more appropriate name. They need a bailout from the World Bank in Europe. Using our U.S. tax dollars for this bail out. Will We the People stand for this treasonous [...]

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The GMOZ White House

The GMOZ promotion of poisoning goes all the way to the White House. This assault award on organic food goes to the First Lady and her husband. Monsanto and their allies couldn't have asked for a better partner. President Obama has given them everything Monsatan has asked for. Monsatan and their allies couldn't have wished for a better partner. Despite the presidents hints that [...]

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Good News

Monsatan is Getting their Ass Beat Hit them again. Otherwise known as Monsanto. There's Good News. Yep, There are protests all over the World. And this Doowan couldn't happier. I applaud everyone. It is amazing what we can do, when we all come together. The proof is in this Good News Video. Man this feels good. We finally have some Good News [...]

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Comets and Hopi Prophecy

Comets and Hopi Prophecy Comets and Hopi Phrophecy Comets and Hopi Prophecy Should be a fantastic month for being out among the star at night, as this month the comets are out in full glory. A newly discovered comet is seen in the sky this month. This year 2013 is proving to be the year of the comet as things are flying by like never before. Could these Comets and Hopi Prophecy be telling us something? Grab your hard hat and a pair of binoculars and head out side for the show.

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Monsatan’s in the News

Monsatan's in the News Again Monsatan's in the News This time attacking small farmers. You know we Doowans tried to stop taking about these jurks. GMO Armageddon says it all. We all know they are Satan's spawn. And all they bring is death and destruction. We have written over 25 articles concerning GMOZ. And quit frankly we are concerned that our blog [...]

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That’s the Way the Cookie Crumbles

All we are left holding, is Crumbs That's The Way the Cookie Crumbles When I was a child and I wanted something, but didn't get it. My father had this saying. That I always despised. That's the Way the Cookie Crumbles. As a child I never knew what it meant. I thought he was just being a smart ass. That was his [...]

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We Are What We Eat

We Are What We Eat We are What We eat? Do I look like grass to you? We Are What We Eat: Just doesn't apply Anymore! Oh, and so much more. We Are What We Eat as the saying goes, and this is an understatement when ones doesn't know what we are eating. Now days even reading labels doesn't really help.  As [...]

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