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Spiritual Beings

Spiritual Beings, Our Description of God, The Mold of Man Spiritual Beings and the Mold of Man Is God the Mold of Mankind? Become Spiritual Beings and see for yourself. As Spiritual Beings, The Mold of Man is one of our sturdiest aspects of the First Attention Description. Our idea of God. Our aspect of God is like a powerful glue that binds our Assemblage Point to its original position.

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Bear Medicine

Bear Medicine the Power of Introspection, an offering to the Eagle. Bear Medicine says Hello. Gimmie Five! Bear Medicine is powerful medicine, bringing healing, renewal, and rebirth. This is the gift that Grandmother Bear brings those who live with Bear Medicine. It could just as easily been a Bear in the Boat. Maybe Bears of old had horns. And that's no [...]

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Losing Human Form

Losing Human Form, Returning to Paradise Lost Losing Human Form Losing Human Form is returning to Spirit. Our true nature. Although Losing Human Form sounds like it might be Painful or Scary it's not. Losing Human Form is a way of changing ones perspective to open one up to seeing NEW realities.

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Consciousness between the moments of time? Where Moments matter This is not an attempt to define Consciousness, as why would one do that? What we can do is experience Consciousness. By defining it, one places their Consciousness into a little bubble of perception. In so doing, we give it a description. That description is all of what one may know with their [...]

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The Rats Are Deserting

The Rats are Deserting the Ship The Rats are Deserting the sinking Ship This is a sign folks that things are about to get really bad. The Rats are Deserting the Ship. From the looks of things the elite are heading for the hills, and their underground bunkers. This could only mean one thing. That they know something that they haven't been [...]

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The Right to Remain Silent

The Right to Remain Silent! We all have the Right to Remain Silent. We all have the Right to Remain Silent. Sometimes we just don't have the ability! We say something that we wish we could take back. The writer has some personal experiences to share with the reader that might save them hardship and trouble of, loose lips sink relationships. Sometimes, [...]

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The Holographic Projections of Beliefs

The Holographic Projections of Beliefs is that reality? Holographic Projection of Beliefs in my Reality As discussed in the Holographic Universe and our Brains and Dimensional Shifts in the Holographic Universe. Reality is a projection of consciousness on the Holographic film of the our Universe. Why? because it's there. Excerpt from Holographic Universe and our Brains: There is evidence that suggest that [...]

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Are you seeing The Number Eleven everywhere? You are not alone! For this phenomenon is happening all over the world. For those having the vision of The Number Eleven are in for quite a ride, it is not a coincidence, it's more like a co-incidence. A Word of Warning: There is a cosmic law which states ones reality must remain congruent with ones beliefs. If one choose to maintain their old beliefs, they cannot be shown anything that would violate them. However, once one chooses to sheds their old beliefs and embrace new ones, the proof originally sought will be forthcoming.

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Owl Medicine

Owl Medicine the Sacred Medicine of Deception, always asking, Hoo, Hoo? I see into your Spirit. I know who you are. It's the Sacred Owl Medicine of flying silently in Darkness and Seeing the Light, Blending both into oneness. Owl Medicine isn't asking because Owl doesn't know, Owl is asking you. Who, Who are you? Who, Who do you want to become? [...]

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Dream Traveler

To the Dream Traveler in my Dream The Third Eye Connection Our Power, our strength in Spirit. Dream Traveler changed my Spirit This just happened to me two nights ago, Oct. 9Th , 2013. I put the date in there for the late comers to this writing. I am still recapitulating this Dream. As time goes on, I am sure I will find a deeper meaning.

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