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Gardening with the Moon

 Gardening with the Moon Phases Gardening with the Moon Phases Gardening with the Moon is the oldest form of gardening known to man. Ever since prehistoric times, long before man ever had a watch on his wrist or a calendar on his wall, everything was governed by the phases of the moon. Plants respond to the same gravitational pull of tides that [...]

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Owl Medicine

Owl Medicine the Sacred Medicine of Deception, always asking, Hoo, Hoo? I see into your Spirit. I know who you are. It's the Sacred Owl Medicine of flying silently in Darkness and Seeing the Light, Blending both into oneness. Owl Medicine isn't asking because Owl doesn't know, Owl is asking you. Who, Who are you? Who, Who do you want to become? [...]

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Comets and Hopi Prophecy

Comets and Hopi Prophecy Comets and Hopi Phrophecy Comets and Hopi Prophecy Should be a fantastic month for being out among the star at night, as this month the comets are out in full glory. A newly discovered comet is seen in the sky this month. This year 2013 is proving to be the year of the comet as things are flying by like never before. Could these Comets and Hopi Prophecy be telling us something? Grab your hard hat and a pair of binoculars and head out side for the show.

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