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Like the dust that covers a butterflies wings,,,

Knowledge comes to us in bubbles. Knowing that we Perceive, thus seeing the world as an illusion created by another. An illusion created by the description that was told to us the moment we were born. Call them Bubbles of Perception.

Sow in Essence, Reason wants to defend the world created by this description, with its dogmatic & inviolable rules. Which Reason learns to accept and defend. Their Reason makes them forget, the description is only a description. Thus they forget the Totality of themselves in a whirlpool/World pool, from which they rarely emerge.

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Choose a Suggested Reading that speaks to your Heart, they show a path to the Totality of Self.

Hence,  from the Creators, Suggested Reading

Thundbird Speaks

Finding the Totality of Ourselves is a very Mysterious affair. One the average man has rarely considered. Finding we need only a small portion of our Totality to fulfill the most complex tasks of Awareness. Where every bit of knowledge that becomes POWER has Death as its central force. What is touched by Death indeed becomes POWER. Thus Doowans Use Death as an Adviser.

A Warrior acts as if he knows what he is doing when in effect, he knows nothing. Thus is the Path Less Traveled. The Warriors Way offers a new life, that life has to be completely New. We can not bring our old ugly ways into it.

The Path Less Traveled is not an easy path to follow. Thunderbird explored this Doowans Warrior Path for 40 Years. Introduced to this Knowledge at an early age allowed him to develop two Descriptions of Reality. He applied the construct of Mankind’s Four Natural Enemies to his life, to test this Knowledge. This construct shows in facing ones Fear one finds Clarity. With proper use of Clarity comes Personal Power in the balance. Now, Thunderbird faces his Fourth Natural Enemy.

A Doowan Warrior must, first of all, teach about the possibility of acting without believing, without expecting rewards. Acting just for the Hell of it. How harmoniously he guides his wards in this specific respect is the challenge. In order to follow this path of Knowledge, one has to be very imaginative. For on the path of Knowledge, nothing is as clear as we would like it to be. Therefore Warrior’s face oncoming time. Normally man faces time as it recedes from them. Only Warriors can change that, and face time as it advances on us.

NoWayHIX Speaks

NoWayHix stumbled across the Doowan’s path during the year 2012, in search of something more in life. It was an organic stumble along another particularly appealing path in the form of Doowans News&Events original website. At first, the information presented was the appeal, as a Doowan tends to have an ability to See within Unseen worlds. At this time, NoWay had NoIdea that what was actually found, was the himself/herself/itself discovery of who we all are.

Sow, NoWay began to study the Constructs presented in the form of posts within an online platform. Slowly but surely evolving into a Doowan Brave under the wing of a new found Chief Hematoma, and what would become, a close long-term friend.

At this time in NoWay’s life, the everyday world at large was unraveling, it was obvious that there was more to be Seen than initially meets the eye. This unraveling happened at an exponential speed. Causing one to feel as though they are a plane spiraling down from 40,000 feet, losing all control.

It was the Constructs presented, along with life experiences, that allowed NoWay to regain control and eventually Learn to Fly. After flight school, NoWayHIX received his Chieftain and now continues to follow the path of a Doowan. Wholeheartedly and within all 3 attention’s of our totality.

Thus below; a reflection of  Constructs which NoWayHix has Seen and experienced to be useful for another beginning a journey down the Path Less Traveled.

Thunderbird & NoWayHIX

Suggested Reading


By | April 25th, 2017|

The need to prepare for life in the Greater Galactic Community, I feel, is the greatest need there is in our world today. Yet, from my observation, people are preoccupied with their own affairs and their own problems in their daily lives, unaware of the greater forces that will change their destiny and affect their future. Thus they are already given to the power that rules their fate. However when one is willing to see a bigger picture, The Watchers Message will be here as knowledge.

Vulture Medicine

By | August 15th, 2016|

Vulture Medicine Vulture eats death but does not bring it. Vulture Medicine has been on my Heartmind for some time. With the changing of the winds of life, I feel it's time to bring forth Vulture Medicine. I'm sure you have seen our dark, sometimes ominous friends while going about your business in life. Death = Rebirth A vulture on board; bald, red, queer-shaped [...]


By | November 19th, 2015|

GOD IN A DOOR KNOB is a journey within. It has taken me years to remember this teaching, received years ago. It's been said, that life is a journey of remembering what we forget at birth. Spirit in cased at birth in a material meat suit best suited for physical life on this material plain, or plain of matter. It appears we must be trained as to the functions of this meat suit, along with all the rules, regulations, do's and don'ts for living on this material plain.

Flying On The Wings of Consciousness

By | February 2nd, 2015|

Flying on The Wings of Consciousness to visit friends Flying on the Wings of Consciousness, A conscious flight into the unknown. That becomes Known through Experience. A Conversation had with Friends. We share this concept together in the LOVE of all of Humanity. Flying on The Wings of Consciousness with The ARCTURIANS

A Viscous Circle

By | December 19th, 2014|

A Viscous Circle maybe Viscous, However it's not a Circle. A Viscous Circle is not a Circle at all It looks like a Butterfly, Stings like a Bee. It's A Viscous Circle We live life in A Viscous Circle. Going in circles, chasing our own tales. This Viscous Circle is ominous until we open ourselves up to creation. Thus pop our Bubble of Perception. That's when we become the all SEEing/Cing EYE/I . In truth it's NOT A Viscous Circle at all here, but a Pyramid of Fear, Hope, and Doubt.

The Blinding White Light

By | October 14th, 2014|

The Blinding White Light. Closing your eyes will not help. Spiritual Beings From the Darkness comes The Blinding White Light The Blinding White Light shines on us all. I had this Spiritual experience on Oct. 10, 2014 Friday night. The energies of this day were life changing and continued through the weekend. I will try to describe it using words, however words fall short in their meaning when it comes to this experience. Simply put, Experience is Wisdom.

Traveling at the Speed of Consciousness

By | April 11th, 2014|

Traveling at the Speed of Consciousness, Light speed is just to Slow Dream Traveler Traveling at the Speed of Consciousness shared some Magic Traveling at the Speed of Consciousness Traveling at the Speed of Consciousness our Human Destiny opens up new realities and new worlds for our human discovery. Just imagine one can be any place at any time in an instant. Traveling at the Speed of Consciousness with the power of Spirit/Consciousness is beyond imagination. Consciousness is Spirit, and as such, can not be block by any substance or barrier known. Mind over matter is the common expression.

The Warrior’s Way

By | January 28th, 2014|

The Warrior's Way, the Mood of a Warrior The Warrior's Way Before One becomes Chief, they must first live The Warrior's Way When I speak of a Warrior, I Am not referring to the fighting kind. The Warrior's Way is more of a way of life, a MOOD if you will. As the fighting kind of Warrior goes into battle Wide-awake, Alert, and ready for anything. We can use The Warrior's Way in the same Mood to adventure through life without the need for fighting life or petty concerns. The Warrior's Way allows the Wide-awake, Alert, experience of life. This is The Warrior's Way! The experience of life without the attitude of fighting life.

The Meaning of You

By | January 10th, 2014|

You have Meaning, when you know, The Meaning of "You" The Meaning of "You". You are all. The Meaning of "You" maybe my last post, I publicly publish on the old paradigm. I have taken my last breath and slowing blowing it out. I have grown breathless from blowing on all the little God Sparks attempting to start fires in them. [...]

In the Twinkling of an Eye

By | December 9th, 2013|

In the Twinkling of an Eye, The Totality of you! In the Twinkling of an Eye. You are! Realize, we are all-stars, as we twinkle in the eye of creation. In the Twinkling of an Eye, the As above, so below. In the Twinkling of an Eye understand, the flame that you are burns eternally. And shall never go out no matter [...]


By | November 7th, 2013|

Heartmind, The Seat of the Soul, the Embodiment of Spirit. A Black hole We are all Stars in the Universe of Creation. Heartmind the spark of Spirit that burns within us all! In my Heartmind, I have grown tired of Reason. As it always has answers for everything without having any real answers for anything. It only has reasons. Ever since our eating of the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge we have become obsessed with Reason. It's more like possessed. As we ate the lies that come with knowledge. As one can never stop thinking long enough to actually feel. As we once lived only in truth ignorant of lies. Now we know there's a difference.

Energy Body

By | October 14th, 2013|

The Mastery of Awareness in the Energy Body Energy Body The Energy Body and the Mastery of Awareness We are more than the physical body that we sense and play with on a daily basis. Sorry, I didn't say that right. Oh well. We are more than just flesh and bones. We are energy and as such we have the Energy Body. Awakening our Energy Body is of primary importance to experience new realities and new dimensions. This energetic configuration accounts for everything, said, heard, imagined, felt, and done.

The Power of Intent

By | August 30th, 2013|

The Power of Intent is at your command. You are more powerful then you may know. Oh, Hummingbird Without a Loving Heart. You will never taste the nectar of life. In the Universe there is an immeasurable, indescribable force called the power of Intent. Absolutely everything that exist in the entire cosmos is attached to this Intent by a connecting link. Discussing, understanding, and employing this connecting link is The Power of Intent.

A Visitors Perspective

By | June 13th, 2013|

A Visitors Perspective outside the human consciousness perspective. A Visitors Perspective You are not Alone! We are here offering our Perspective. This contact happened in the middle of the night around 3:33 Am. Don't shoot the messenger as I only typed what it said to me. This is A Visitors Perspective, the truth is, I have to agree. Alas, I can not take credit for this writing. BTW they prefer to be called Visitors. We are not alone!

Dreamland The Art of Dreaming

By | March 23rd, 2013|

Dreamland The Art of Dreaming, Putting our Dreams to Practical use Dreamland the Art of Dreaming Dreamland the Art of Dreaming is an adventure into the world of our dreams. Ones dreams can take them to other worlds and dimensions. Our world, which we believe to be unique and absolute, is only one in a cluster of consecutive worlds, realities if you [...]

Comets and Hopi Prophecy

By | March 7th, 2013|

Comets and Hopi Prophecy Comets and Hopi Phrophecy Comets and Hopi Prophecy Should be a fantastic month for being out among the star at night, as this month the comets are out in full glory. A newly discovered comet is seen in the sky this month. This year 2013 is proving to be the year of the comet as things are flying by like never before. Could these Comets and Hopi Prophecy be telling us something? Grab your hard hat and a pair of binoculars and head out side for the show.

Inner Silence

By | February 25th, 2013|

Inner Silence, Freedom from The Enemy Within Inner Silence Inner Silence Inner Silence is the avenue that leads to the true suspension of judgement. To a moment when sensory data emanating from the universe at large ceases to be interpreted by our senses. A moment when cognition ceases to be the force which, through usage and repetition, decides the nature of our world.

The Enemy Within

By | February 24th, 2013|

The Enemy Within the mind of Man The Enemy Within Are you afraid for no reason. This could be The Enemy Within The Enemy Within Are you afraid for no reason. This could be The Enemy Within We have an enemy within ourselves. What I Am about to tell you is bizarre to say the least. Sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction. However, this may just explain the reasons mankind is cursed with its behavior of greed, hate and fear. One may think this is fantasy and that's fine. One may think the writer crazy and that's fine too. However, if one can open their minds enough to listen to this. Then maybe just maybe we will all understand our dilemma, allowing us to free ourselves from The Enemy Within. Thus, allowing us to live the life we were destined to live.

The Three Attentions of Human Kind

By | November 30th, 2012|

What are the Three Attentions of the Human Kind? I have no thoughts therefore I see The Three Attentions of Human kind And where are the Three Attentions you are talking about? Well that's a good question. I will answer, but first I must say that this Three Attention subject is immense. It has all the power to change lives, and yours [...]

Is “Love” the Language of the Heart?

By | August 6th, 2012|

Is "Love" the Language of the Heart? Feeling Love, Watch out there's a Woody around  Are you looking for Love in a Relationship? What is Love Anyway? Love and the Self are one. The discovery of either is the realization of both. Is "Love" the Language of the Heart? We are all functioning at a very small fraction of our capacity [...]