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Like the dust that covers a butterflies wings,,,

Knowledge comes to us in bubbles. Knowing that we Perceive, thus seeing the world as an illusion created by another. An illusion created by the description that was told to us the moment we were born. Call them Bubbles of Perception.

Sow in Essence, Reason wants to defend the world created by this description, with its dogmatic & inviolable rules. Which Reason learns to accept and defend. Their Reason makes them forget, the description is only a description. Thus they forget the Totality of themselves in a whirlpool/World pool, from which they rarely emerge.

 Read these Suggested Reading sequentially, or randomly.

Choose a Suggested Reading that speaks to your Heart, they show a path to the Totality of Self.

Hence,  from the Creators, Suggested Reading

Thunderbird Speaks

Finding the Totality of Ourselves is a very Mysterious Affair. One the average man has rarely considered. Finding we need only a small portion of our Totality to fulfill the most complex tasks of Awareness. Where every bit of knowledge that becomes POWER has Death as its central force. What is touched by Death indeed becomes POWER. Thus Doowans Use Death as an Adviser.

A Warrior acts as if he knows what he is doing when in effect, he knows nothing. Thus is the Path Less Traveled. The Warriors Way offers a new life, that life has to be completely New. We can not bring our old ugly ways into it.

The Path Less Traveled is not an easy path to follow. Thunderbird explored this Doowans Warrior Path for 40 Years. Introduced to this Knowledge at an early age allowed him to develop two Descriptions of Reality. He applied the construct of Mankind’s Four Natural Enemies to his life, to test this Knowledge. This construct shows in facing ones Fear one finds Clarity. With proper use of Clarity comes Personal Power in the balance. Now, Thunderbird faces his Fourth Natural Enemy.

A Doowan Warrior must, first of all, teach about the possibility of acting without believing, without expecting rewards. Acting just for the Hell of it. How harmoniously he guides his wards in this specific respect is the challenge. In order to follow this path of Knowledge, one has to be very imaginative. For on the path of Knowledge, nothing is as clear as we would like it to be. Therefore Warrior’s face oncoming time. Normally man faces time as it recedes from them. Only Warriors can change that, and face time as it advances on us.

Thunderbird’s Suggested Reading:

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Wahkiya Speaks

Wahkiya (originally named NoWayHix) stumbled across the Doowan’s path during the year 2012 in search of something more. It was an organic stumble along another particularly appealing path in the form of Doowans News&Event’s original website. At first, the information presented was the appeal, as a Doowan tends to have the ability to SEE within Unseen worlds.

To say the least, the experiences that followed this journey while on the Doowan’s Path with Heart were profound and life-altering down to the cellular core of one’s being. A reconstruction of sorts at the DNA level, we could say. The truth of the matter is simple, though, in the end, the realization/reconstruction that occurred was finding one’s true self.

The Kingdom of God is Within…. there is nothing so beautiful as the realization of one’s self! After much time and tutorship under the wings and guidance of Thunderbird, Wahkiya eventually received his Chieftain and now goes by the name Wahkiya, which means Sacred Wing.

Thus below is a reflection of  Constructs which Wahkiya has Seen and experienced to be useful for another beginning while journeying down the Path Less Traveled.

Wahkiya’s Suggested Reading:

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