For Doowans, Consciousness & Awareness are two different Aspects

We share our Consciousness on this Site. Whether YOU are Aware remains to be Explored.

~Doowan Perceptions~

A Doowans Point of View is only a view. However it’s a Doowans view. Looking at a Description. As a result of my own experiences, A Doowans Point of View, I have come to realize, We are perceivers. We are Consciousness with an Awareness, we are not objects, we have no solidity. We are boundless Energy. The world of objects with solidity is a way of making our passage […]


Mankinds Quest for Knowledge. Each Bubble is a Reality all it’s own. Consciousness is the one blowing the bubbles In Mankinds Four Natural Enemies, We need to cover a lot of ground. This may be new to some, sow take it slow. It’s better to chew on small bites of knowledge first. As a result of my own experiences I have come […]


Our Quest for Knowledge Follow the path with Heart, become Spiritual Beings. What’s your perspective? Do you see up or down? Our Quest for Knowledge. We have Four Natural Enemies we, overcome, to become, self Knowing. We shared two steps already in, (Mankinds Four Natural Enemies (Part One), our quest for Knowledge.  What is done to overcome […]


Doowans is not a Name, Place, or Thing.

Doowans is a state of Being.

The path we walk is to discover the Totality of Ones Self, where Spirit manifests itself at every turn. Warriors who deliberately attain Totality, are a sight to behold. Through this discovery we find the Freedom Creation had intended. We Explore Creation with the Love Creation has written in our Hearts. Therefore, The Experiences we share, become Wisdom for those seeking their path to Freedom. Doowans, Know there is not just one world, but many worlds to Explore. Each one breath-taking and Awe-inspiring.

Come share these Experiences with us. You will not find this Information any-where else on the web.

We are the Ones you have been waiting for…

The wait is over. The Time is NOW!

Recent Works ~

Dark Heart

By |September 11th, 2020|

Dark Heart It takes a Dark Heart to create the Tyranny that humanity is experiencing at this moment. A nation under cruel and oppressive government is the meaning of Tyranny. Does this sound [...]

CoronaV ~ Biological & Spiritual Warfare ~ This Bugs For YOU!

By |March 13th, 2020|

In place of using some buzz/clickbaity/possibly censored words, we will simply refer to the above "virus" (you all know which one we are referring to) with the simple acronym: "C19". Additionally, references to the new cellular technology '5_G' are referred to as "5giggity". Also note, sources are referenced at the bottom of this article.

2020 Update and Welcome New Members!

By |January 22nd, 2020|

HOW, DOOWANS! WE ARE HERE & WE HEAR YOU! It has been some time since we sent out a smoke signal, what better time than NOW! The Chiefs have been on a bit of [...]

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