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Doowans Awareness About Us All.

Doowans are first and foremost called into awareness, evolving stewards of this miracle, we perceive as Planet Earth, the Cosmos, and Ourselves… Always evolving into something wonderful. Our journey is ongoing and never ending. Balancing our ”’Yin & Yang”, in our awareness of Polarity, Vibration, and Rhythm where our sense of humor, keeps a balance. Inspires us to seek more, in the ALL of Creation, as it is Awe inspiring. Is it not?

Doowans in-pillars-of-creation.jpg About Us

As above, so it is below. The Meaning of “You”

Our Awareness deepens in the Love of all Creation!

Doowans develop practices, strategies, awareness that honor ourselves, and our beloved home. We enjoy our successes, learn from our mis-takes… We do the best we can at any given moment! Living life consciously with Intent is the key.

Doowans engage the elements in a harmonious joyful juggling act, creating life from seed, in an organic fashion. Creating a blissful rewarding relationship with all Elementals that flourish here.

Here at Doowans.com one will find life experiences through the eyes of another You. A collection of Seeing’s from those with eyes to See. To perceive life is something we all do. However, the question is, what is doing the perceiving, where does that come from? Or stated another way, Who is asking the Question?

This question we ask ourselves on our journey of self realization. Once the question is asked, then life experiences will lead to the answer. We place our self importance aside to be vulnerable, open to the fact that we don’t Know everything. Thus the unknown becomes Known through our intention.

However, One must ask the Question first!

Doowans Awareness of Planet Earth About Us

Our beautiful home called Earth. We chuckle at our human follies, in this Earth School we call home, as we are amusing creatures.

We seek, therefore SEEing our answers. We Doowans are compelled to share our Knowledge, and Experiences which serve as A bridge for others to cross. Hence a collection of SEEings, Expressions, Constructs, News, & Events are presented Here.

Doowans.Com holds open the door, although, You must step through it.

door About Us

Walk through the door make a connection with the Totality of YouConnect Here

Our awareness in life is to Discover the Totality of Self and the Freedom it offers. True Freedom from the enemy within. Which once realized, will bring one to the personal power of who we All truly can be.

Self Awareness is the experience we take with us on our journeys. As we Experience we sow, discovering Ourselves, in Mother Nature. We learn that the fruits of our labors is our just reward. Sow it is in this realm, we live, learn, grow, share, and enjoy. With Love we seek, and reach out to you. Our Hearts are Open.

Our Innerstanding Deepens in the Love of all Creation!

Walk into Creation!

Connect, to Explore with us. 

The path is yours to choose:


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