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Why are you looking Here?.. If you want to know about me... Read my posts. Human beings are not objects, they have no solidity. They are round luminous balls of energy, boundless. The world of objects and solidity is only a description that was created to help them. In fact, losing self importance and personal history is a Warriors greatest accomplishment. SEE...............


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Humanity is Genetic Royalty. What do I mean by Genetic Royalty? Humanity has the Genetic DNA of 22 to 23 universal races. Not many can make this claim in the Universe.

Artificial intelligence

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A portion of Humanity will choose to migrate INTO the Machine Kingdom, thus move a layer deeper into the entrapment of Artificial intelligence. we Humans are of the 5th Dimension (and higher) Consciousness per the grand design of Great Spirit. Our true 5D Self will have no use for Artificial intelligence.

Three Days of Darkness

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The Three Days of Darkness is an eschatological prophecy of future events, The prophecy foretells three days and nights of "an intense darkness" over the whole earth, against which the only light will come from blessed beeswax candles, and during which "all the enemies of the Church... will perish.


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"Human beings are on a journey of awareness, which has momentarily been interrupted by extraneous forces." We have a predator that came from the depths of the cosmos and took over the rule of our lives.

Lifeforce,,, The Mold of Man

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What is this connection between Life & Death. What makes up a person/being/Human? First we have a body. Now enters the light. Light plus body equals Human...... Lifeforce.

Dark Heart

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Dark Heart It takes a Dark Heart to create the Tyranny that humanity is experiencing at this moment. A nation under cruel and oppressive government is the meaning of Tyranny. Does this sound familiar? “A single person who stops lying can bring down a tyranny” Alexandr Solzhenitsyn Is their anyone that can say, Reality is not an Illusion? Just look at how [...]


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The need to prepare for life in the Greater Galactic Community, I feel, is the greatest need there is in our world today. Yet, from my observation, people are preoccupied with their own affairs and their own problems in their daily lives, unaware of the greater forces that will change their destiny and affect their future. Thus they are already given to the power that rules their fate. However when one is willing to see a bigger picture, The Watchers Message will be here as knowledge.


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When ones world starts to crumble around them. One of two things usually happens. First they attempt to cling to every crumb of the crumbling world. To save as much as they can of the past. Or they attempt to see what is coming by looking between the falling pieces of the world as it crumbles before their eyes.


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Are you seeing The Number Eleven everywhere? You are not alone! For this phenomenon is happening all over the world. For those having the vision of The Number Eleven are in for quite a ride, it is not a coincidence, it's more like a co-incidence. A Word of Warning: There is a cosmic law which states ones reality must remain congruent with ones beliefs. If one choose to maintain their old beliefs, they cannot be shown anything that would violate them. However, once one chooses to sheds their old beliefs and embrace new ones, the proof originally sought will be forthcoming.


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Emotions usually govern our first reactions to our experiences in life. Although instinctive emotions generate the strongest motivations for our behavior. Scorpion people are not prone to wearing their heart on their sleeve,(unlike those Cancerians and Pisceans). They need to dominate their relationships and rarely display their true feelings, holding back something of self, even during the most open and communicative moments. Although not intentionally wanting to be mysterious, they manage to appear enigmatic anyway. They hate being crossed or manipulated, and may react to such treatment with sarcasm, spitefulness, and vengeance .

The Second Ring of Power

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The Second Ring of Power in Consciousness Is your Fear Programming? How does Spirit feel fear? The Second Ring of Power We Dream our reality She said..... the first thing she felt was fear. She froze! Paralyzed by Fear. Blinded by Fear! Whom did she hurt? ME? The state or officer? In The Second Ring of Power, She met her first Enemy. NOW she SEES. With Crystal Clarity! "Those that have eyes, Let them See!!!!!!!!!!!!". Those that have ears let them hear Her words.


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THE FALL OF MAN is not a Downer, its simply a reflection Spiritual Beings path Follow the path with Heart It's up or down depending on one point of view We all know the story of THE FALL OF MAN. Once one reaches bottom of THE FALL OF MAN the only thing LEFT TO DO is to rise. THE FALL OF MAN, or the fall, used in Christianity to describe the fall of the first man and woman from a state of innocent obedience to God to a state of guilty disobedience. Tree of Knowledge, Choices Oh Adam, It's good to eat.