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Turtle Wisdom

Turtle Wisdom, in a Shell A Letter to Myself from Turtle Wisdom Turtle Wisdom in a Shell I pray To Self, from your native spirit heart on Turtle Wisdom Turtle ... Great Mother, Feed my Spirit, Cloth my Heart. That I may serve you too... Turtle Wisdom  Oh, Man! I made it. Turtle Wisdom Listen to Turtle Wisdom in a [...]

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13 CHAKRAS, THE AWAKENED ONES, EXPANDING CONSCIOUSNESS 13 Chakras in Consciousness Consciousness MATTERS, 13 Chakras to TOTALITY, where it MATTERS There are 13 Chakras in our Human Consciousness, I have Explored thus far. This is an opportunity to expand ONES Consciousness. BE-Cause YOU Aint seen nothing yet. We have heard about 7 Chakras and it's almost true... If one Speaks only part truth are they telling lies? Whatever..., are you expecting Lucifer to tell you THE Truth? Who is asking THE Question?

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Coyote Medicine

Coyote Medicine, The Trickster who tricks them self. Coyote Magic. Coyote Medicine bring a message. Coyote Medicine is symbolic of the magic in life and creation. It’s sometimes hard to grasp the wisdom of Coyote Medicine without experiencing some unsettling or disruptive feelings. There’s often wisdom in making fun of serious matters and letting go of certainties. This animal totem provides its [...]

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Snake Medicine

Snake Medicine is the Energy of Transmutation. Hi I'm Snake Medicine. 2013 is the year of the Snake Snake Medicine also represents initiation, transformation; psychic energy, wisdom, creativity; mystery, the unknown, and life cycles. Unaware and in my own world. I walked up to the garage to get a screw driver. I had a job to do, in my mind. Snake Medicine [...]

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Skunk Medicine

The Creature that leaves a lasting impression. If you don't now, you will learn to respect me. Who hasn't run up against a lesson from this amazing creature-teacher at one time or another? The smell of Skunk Medicine is something that one doesn't soon forget. Skunk Medicine brings the lessons of Reputation, Respect, Sensitivity, and Confidence. Skunk says, "If your ego is [...]

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Frog Medicine

The Frog Medicine Spirit brings creativity, cleansing, patience in life transition and acceptance. Frogs are a good sign. It's time for a Cleansing I was working in the garden. When Frog Medicine hopped in to my life. I had just expanded our garden area to included a pyramid shape not because I am Illuminati. The pyramid shape allows for fewer holes to [...]

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Dragonfly Medicine

Dragonfly Medicine a strong, positive spiritual force of the Dream-time aspect. Dragonfly Medicine the journey home The Highest energy and destiny of carrying Dragonfly Medicine is the Principal of Vibration. A Southwest Native American Myth says,... the speed in which the wings of a dragonfly moved would open doorways to other realms and dimensions. Some legends say that Dragonfly was once Dragon. [...]

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Lizard Medicine

Lizard Medicine, represents the Dream World and the Art of Dreaming. Lizard Medicine the Art of Dreaming The other parts of reality we humans experience while our physical body rests. We spend one-third of our life asleep in dreams. Using this time to our benefit is what Lizard Medicine is implying. Using our energy body to travel beyond the stars into other [...]

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Crow Medicine

Crow Medicine, the Medicine of Universal Law. Crow Medicine of Universal Law Human Law is not the same as Sacred Law or Universal Law. The law which states, "all things are born of Women" is of Universal Law. Crow Medicine has come today, its appearance is an omen. Crow Medicine is an answer. Crow... Are you "Cawing", so I may know. The [...]

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Squirrel Medicine

Squirrel Medicine the Medicine of gathering. Squirrel Medicine, Are you talking about Me? Why I Oughta! Squirrel... You have gathered Nuts by the score, exactly predicting if you needed more. Teach me to take no more than I need. Trusting Great Mystery, to harvest the seed. I was writing this Squirrel Medicine message The Great Spirit wanted to share, I looked outside [...]

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