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Begin Here, The Path Less Traveled

YOU opened the Door and stepped onto the Path Less Traveled to Begin Here. Now take the first Steps on the Path Less Traveled to Freedom. Thus begin your path into unknown worlds. In the battle for your Freedom/life, a second is an Eternity, an Eternity that may decide the outcome.

Doowans Advise: Read the writings presented from left to right, top to bottom, we put them in order for convience. Otherwise, you are free to find your own way. Watch your step! Death is behind your left shoulder, at only an arms length, ready to touch you at any moment.

Remember, A path is only a path, there is no affront in dropping it if that is what your heart tells you . . . Look at every path closely, deliberately. Then ask yourself, one question….. Does this path have heart?

 The Path Less Traveled is with Heart your Vision will never be the same.

DISCLAIMER:…: Knowledge Once Known, can never be Unknown.

A Doowans Point of View

By |July 11th, 2012|

A Doowans Point of View is only a view. However it's a Doowans view. Looking at a Description A Doowans Point of View As a result of my own experiences, A Doowans Point of View, I have come to realize, We are perceivers. We are Consciousness with an Awareness, we are not objects, we have no solidity. We are boundless Energy. The world [...]

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Do We Have your Attentions?

Human beings are two-sided. The Right side encompasses everything the intellect can conceive of. In Essence, the side of Reason. The Left side is a realm of indescribable features. A realm impossible to contain within words. The Left side is perhaps comprehended, if comprehension is what takes place, with Total body Awareness. Therefore your Reason’s resistances to the conceptualizations presented here.

All the faculties, possibilities, of a Doowan from the simplest to the most astounding, are within the human body itself. Tapping these potentials is the Path Less Traveled by Humanity.

Every living thing has been granted the power, if it so desires, to seek an opening to Freedom and then go through it. Seers SEE the opening and know that Creation has granted this gift in order to perpetuate Awareness. Thus the choice is always Yours.

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God Constructs


Humanity believes they comprehend their Creator, at the very least Hope to. That their Creator created everything they comprehend. What Humanity has failed to comprehend is their belief of their creator is a description handed down from generation to generation from Religious leaders. They have failed to ask the question, who benefits from such a description? It takes guts to ask the hard questions and courage to SEE the answers. We Doowans will not tell one what to believe. We are offering you the tools to SEE Creation for yourself. For only then will you Know. Otherwise these are just words, words, words like Be-lie-ve that continue the God description, I AM “THAT” I AM.

To continue the Path Less Traveled, on One’s Journey, a new description of Reality must be built on a foundation of Energetic Truth. These constructs help build that foundation of the New Energetic Description. True, it’s still a Description, however this description fills the Universe. The others description will barely fill your toilet. Give it a flush.


Begin Here

Beyond Space & Time

Now we move beyond Space & Time. To the place where there is only NOW. For Doowans Space & Time have a different construct from what humanity has been given. Humanity has been given a Past, Present, and Future. Most of Humanity lives in the Past hoping for the Future. Never realizing they have missed the moment to Act. Actually there is only one increment of time. The time is NOW, that is Creation’s present. Thus time becomes a thought of the first thought, thought. Space will be left for you to figure out. Read on!!!!


Time for Choices

NOW you have a choice to make. Do I continue this Path Less Traveled, or go back to the past? Do I take the chance that is given to me, (a chance to have a chance), or do I let this chance slip by?

This Doowan doesn’t envy you. I’ve made my choices. Now, it’s your turn.

Answer these Questions, thus continue the Path Less Traveled, or Don’t, & choose another path. No Harm, no Foul.