About Wahkiya

“Life is only a dream and we are the imagination of ourselves.” — Bill Hicks

Wahkiya (originally named NoWayHix) stumbled across the Doowan’s path during the year 2012 in search of something more. It was an organic stumble along another particularly appealing path in the form of Doowans News&Event's original website. At first, the information presented was the appeal, as a Doowan tends to have the ability to SEE within Unseen worlds.

To say the least, the experiences that followed this journey while on the Doowan's Path with Heart were profound and life-altering down to the cellular core of one's being. A reconstruction of sorts at the DNA level, we could say. The truth of the matter is simple, though, in the end, the realization/reconstruction that occurred was finding one's true self.

The Kingdom of God is Within.... there is nothing so beautiful as the realization of one's self! After much time and tutorship under the wings and guidance of Thunderbird, Wahkiya eventually received his Chieftain and now goes by the name Wahkiya, which means Sacred Wing.

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CoronaV ~ Biological & Spiritual Warfare ~ This Bugs For YOU!

By |2020-04-11T12:24:11-04:00March 13th, 2020|

In place of using some buzz/clickbaity/possibly censored words, we will simply refer to the above "virus" (you all know which one we are referring to) with the simple acronym: "C19". Additionally, references to the new cellular technology '5_G' are referred to as "5giggity". Also note, sources are referenced at the bottom of this article.

2020 Update and Welcome New Members!

By |2020-04-11T12:24:11-04:00January 22nd, 2020|

HOW, DOOWANS! WE ARE HERE & WE HEAR YOU! It has been some time since we sent out a smoke signal, what better time than NOW! The Chiefs have been on a bit of a hiatus of late. Hence the being MIA. However, this project is still just as close and dear to our hearts as ever! At times we need to retreat to [...]

Cat Medicine

By |2020-04-13T16:36:09-04:00December 17th, 2016|

Cat Medicine (Meoooow) Do you see what I see? Seeing the Unseen, Communicating, Secrets, Independence Cat Medicine has crossed your path A? Perhaps one visited you during the Dreamtime. Which/when cat visited is not so important, its what they have to tell you that is. Looking into the eyes of Cat Medicine may reveal a much more subtle message that lies in [...]

Vulture Medicine

By |2020-04-13T16:36:08-04:00August 15th, 2016|

Vulture Medicine Vulture eats death but does not bring it. Vulture Medicine has been on my Heartmind for some time. With the changing of the winds of life, I feel it's time to bring forth Vulture Medicine. I'm sure you have seen our dark, sometimes ominous friends while going about your business in life. Death = Rebirth A vulture on board; bald, red, queer-shaped [...]