Playing with Reality

Playing with Reality, Bubbles of Perception

Playing with Reality

You maybe Playing with Reality and not even know it

Playing with Reality, It’s been wonderful to experience the lack of need to write something. So  I haven’t. Did you miss me? Been taking some much-needed time to explore my Spirit and Playing with Reality. However, I experienced a few Bubbles of Perception I would love to share with you.

In Playing with Reality, I have realized a few interesting aspects to this thing we call reality that has opened my Heartmind to the world we create for ourselves. How what we believe creates the world we experience and how by changing our Bubbles of Perception can change our reality.

Here are a couple of bubbles I have recently experience. I share these stories because they happened to me. You hear it from the white horses mouth, so to speak. In the mirror of reflection I share.

Bubbles of Perception, Playing with Reality

Each Bubble is a Reality all it’s own. Playing with Reality

Playing with Reality


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  1. Warrior March 4, 2014 at 11:03 am

    Very interesting stories there chief! Yes you were missed! Although I can’t say I blame you for taking the time to play with reality and your spirit. Thanks for sharing you’re point of You. I can totally relate with the car story. A very similar thing happened with our car not long ago. Our car would hesitate at stop lights and my ego started creating all of these possible issues that it could be. One day when I least expected it spirit showed me the real problem. A loose air filter. Fixed it in 2 min with a screw driver and it hasn’t hesitated since! Funny how intertwined our points of You are. We’re all just bubbles being blown by the same bubble blower if you will.. I loved the second story. There definitely is more to see than what our reason wants to allow. I’m sure your neighbor felt that those days.

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