The Big Bang

The Big Bang, or was that a Pop?

The Big Bang

The Big Bang. The expansiveness of consciousness.

Billions of years ago there was The Big Bang, or so we have been told. Let’s pretend that The Big Bang did happen the way it’s described. Throwing all those galaxies out on to the canvas of the Universe. Creating this wonderful experience we call life. Now What?

I have seen where artists place a canvas and then throw ink or paint at the canvas. Creating random works of art. As the medium hits the canvas it’s just like The Big Bang. The medium starts to spread out all over the canvas, dipping and flowing on the empty canvas of the Universe. Picture that we are some where out on the edges of the Universal canvas. And here we are experiencing this painting called life. As if it was the only life we have ever known. Could life really be a random act of art created by the GOD of the Universe? Are you a random act of consciousness created at the moment of The Big Bang?

The Big Bang of Consciousness

Somewhere out there. There is you. Or are you The Big Bang?

The Big Bang


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  1. Warrior February 11, 2014 at 8:48 am

    Our Spirit is One and I Am you Brotha! WE choose option B, rather than A: where one comes from nothing and lives for nothing. Option B to live a purposeful life is our true Birth right. To be Born again a spiritual Being on this earth is a BIG gift. Thank you for sharing the Big Bang reflection of Spirit! There really is nothing more that can be said about the Big Bang experience. I Am speechless. Words… I keep slip, slip, slip, slipping away. See you in Your/My/Our Dreams.

    • Doowans News&Events February 11, 2014 at 10:00 am

      Yo Warrior, Good to hear from you. Glad you have experienced your own Big Bang! You are welcome for the sharing that’s what Spiritual Beings do. Much Love to you and yours.

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