There’s no reason for it. Reason that is.

In Doubtyour in a Battle with Reason

A Battle with Reason. There’s this reason and that reason. You can’t do it

I woke up this morning in A Battle with Reason. We all have A Battle with Reason at some point in our lives. As we rely on our reasons for just about everything we Reason. We Reason this and we Reason that. And for some reason, Reason has answer for everything. Well imagine that? This should be our first clue that something about our Reason, just isn’t right. How could some aspect of our mind have all the answers? Because we are so smart? We are in tune with ourselves? We got an education? We are able to Reason things out. Yea, right. Aren’t you Special?

Want to tag along while I kick some butt? One never knows, it could be a good fight and there might be blood. And one just might figure out what their Reason really is. I’m not promising anything but a fight for less Reason.

To make the reading easier I capitalized R for the concept of our Reason. The little r is just reasons. The italics is the Voice of Reason, You know, just in case you needed a reason for your Reason. Get it?

A Battle with Reason

There’s no reason that porpoise should be jumping out of the water.

A Battle with Reason, first punch.


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