Lizard Medicine

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Lizard Medicine, represents the Dream World and the Art of Dreaming. Lizard Medicine the Art of Dreaming The other parts of reality we humans experience while our physical body rests. We spend one-third of our life asleep in dreams. Using this time to our benefit is what Lizard Medicine is implying. Using our energy body to travel beyond the stars into other [...]

Dragonfly Medicine

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Dragonfly Medicine a strong, positive spiritual force of the Dream-time aspect. Dragonfly Medicine the journey home The Highest energy and destiny of carrying Dragonfly Medicine is the Principal of Vibration. A Southwest Native American Myth says,... the speed in which the wings of a dragonfly moved would open doorways to other realms and dimensions. Some legends say that Dragonfly was once Dragon. [...]

Ant Medicine

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Ant Medicine the strategy of patience. Ant Medicine The power of super strength and patience With Ant Medicine Ant can carry a leaf over a hundred miles just to get it back to the anthill. When we think of Ant, we hardly ever think of one single ant. We mostly think of a mass of Ants, perhaps a mound of ants, or [...]


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Emotions usually govern our first reactions to our experiences in life. Although instinctive emotions generate the strongest motivations for our behavior. Scorpion people are not prone to wearing their heart on their sleeve,(unlike those Cancerians and Pisceans). They need to dominate their relationships and rarely display their true feelings, holding back something of self, even during the most open and communicative moments. Although not intentionally wanting to be mysterious, they manage to appear enigmatic anyway. They hate being crossed or manipulated, and may react to such treatment with sarcasm, spitefulness, and vengeance .

Bat Medicine

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Bat Medicine represents rebirth, transition, and intuition. Bats are true flying mammals Bat Medicine offers a gateway to new life and purpose. In facing the darkness before you, find the light in rebirth. One will not grow spiritually until the old parts are gone. This transition maybe very frightening for many. One must face their greatest fears and get rid of the [...]

Frog Medicine

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The Frog Medicine Spirit brings creativity, cleansing, patience in life transition and acceptance. Frogs are a good sign. It's time for a Cleansing I was working in the garden. When Frog Medicine hopped in to my life. I had just expanded our garden area to included a pyramid shape not because I am Illuminati. The pyramid shape allows for fewer holes to [...]

Coyote Medicine

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Coyote Medicine, The Trickster who tricks them self. Coyote Magic. Coyote Medicine bring a message. Coyote Medicine is symbolic of the magic in life and creation. It’s sometimes hard to grasp the wisdom of Coyote Medicine without experiencing some unsettling or disruptive feelings. There’s often wisdom in making fun of serious matters and letting go of certainties. This animal totem provides its [...]

Rabbit Medicine

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Rabbit Medicine is the Medicine of fear Leave me alone. You frighten me! The Great Spirit sent a jack-rabbit today.  If a Rabbit Medicine has crossed your path today. Here's the Medicine that Rabbit brings. What are you afraid of? Rabbit Medicine What's up Doc? Scared little Rabbit... Please drop your fright! Running doesn't stop the pain, or turn the [...]

Skunk Medicine

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The Creature that leaves a lasting impression. If you don't now, you will learn to respect me. Who hasn't run up against a lesson from this amazing creature-teacher at one time or another? The smell of Skunk Medicine is something that one doesn't soon forget. Skunk Medicine brings the lessons of Reputation, Respect, Sensitivity, and Confidence. Skunk says, "If your ego is [...]

Opossum Medicine

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Opossum Medicine brings Diversion When all else fails. Play Dead Opossum Medicine is the supreme actor, and those in the acting field can't do any better than to work with the Opossum Medicine. Sometimes it is necessary to behave/act in a strategic manner. We need to appear fearful or fearless in spite of how we truly feel. We need Diversion to affect [...]

Raccoon Medicine

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Raccoon Medicine implies creativity, dexterity, adaptability, thievery, curiosity, protection, shape-shifting, and discovering secrets. Raccoon Medicine I walked outside side for my usually evening conversation with deer friends. After our greetings they brought my attention to a new friend standing in the background. As I looked, out of the darkness stepped Bandito, with Raccoon Medicine. He was sitting under the bird feeder picking [...]

Squirrel Medicine

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Squirrel Medicine the Medicine of gathering. Squirrel Medicine, Are you talking about Me? Why I Oughta! Squirrel... You have gathered Nuts by the score, exactly predicting if you needed more. Teach me to take no more than I need. Trusting Great Mystery, to harvest the seed. I was writing this Squirrel Medicine message The Great Spirit wanted to share, I looked outside [...]