World Changing Event

At a Loss for Words

Got up this morning and read the news headlines. I has dumbfounded. Mind you, these are just the top headlines. You know world breaking news stories that we all should be aware of….. Reporting world changing moments. Here’s what was reported as a world changing event that might effect my life and everyone on this planet.

Please,  I don’t want to be frightened by this headline, or go out and buy large portions of survival foods or stock up on water, or buy guns to protect yourself and family. And please don’t gather medical supplies, our anything that might help you and your family survive an economic crash, nibiru, alien invasion, pole shift, solar flares, earthquakes, volcanoes, tidal-waves, radioactive fallout, famine, hurricanes, tornadoes, meteorites, comets, epidemic, chaos, madness, war, drought, fire. Phew, did I miss any? No way should you be prepared for any event stated above, because they won’t happen. But, this was really important and I want to pass on to you, this world changing event. So here’s the worlds news headline event:

At a Loss for Words

“Scrabble Cheat Busted at National Championship”

I had the right to remain silent, but I didn’t have the ability! At a Loss for Words