When Big Pharma is Drugging our children it’s time to speak up!

What is Good Medicine

Good Medicine? What they can’t say!

It has been some time since I have posted, I suppose I have waited for that spark of creativity or an undeniable urge to voice an opinion, perhaps an outrage, or joy-filled event that has to be expressed. I often find that if I am trying too hard to come up with a topic, the natural flow of expression is elusive, the cadence lacking and halted. So when I do come across something that speaks to me, Big Pharma, I find it best to not analyze and over think “why this/why now”?


About 10 days ago I came upon a documentary that caught my attention.  http://topdocumentaryfilms.com/the-drugging-of-our-children/  “The drugging of our children” would seem a curious choice as I have no children, and the last Rx I was prescribed was more than 10 years ago.  I am holistically inclined and have a strong curiosity in herbal and naturopathic practices and can trace it back to my early 20’s (some 35 yrs. ago), I have a healthy aversion to traditional western medicine, where this comes from is a mystery, as I have been blessed with exceptional health and have no personal horror stories to harbor such a stance. Perhaps it is nothing more than an instinctive ‘knowing’ of what is right for me.

As I viewed this documentary I was astounded at the depth, breadth and lengths these Big Pharma. companies go in the name of the almighty $$$$. I absolutely despise the fact that over and over and over again when you “follow the money” you land smack dab on corruption’s front door. It is painstakingly clear that there is zero concern for the health and well-being of the masses. BUT, TARGET OUR CHILDREN??????????

I implore you, please take a look at this documentary. The statistics are that you have a loved one, be it friend, family member, or a child in threat of being impacted by the standards practiced, many are irreversibly. I could share loads of data here, but “The drugging of our children” has done the hard work, I am simply seeking to share this volatile hornets nest with you.

Big Pharma. is Dugging our children using the school system.

Schools are being provided with questionnaires (and incentives) that by design on any given day, well above 90 percent of us would be concluded as ADD/ADHD/BIPOLAR just to name a few, and then the recommendation goes out to counselors and/or administrators and you maybe well on your way to being told that your child must be medicated to remain enrolled in school. When were these individuals licensed to diagnose? I will include a link to a second documentary on this topic please share with others, If my modest post helps just one person I will be elated!! But if we encourage others to do the same the impact can be so far-reaching, as to change the world. Let’s all come together and spread the word.


Children as young as 3 are being diagnosed and drugged with SSRI’s and the ramifications are no less than horrific. The results are that of a “chemical lobotomy”. The very conditions the drugs are designed to treat are in fact perpetrated upon our children, (referred to as an untapped market), by these pharmaceutical companies. These drugs block normal brain functions, cause brain atrophy and biochemical imbalances. Weight gain/obesity and diabetes are also some of the “mild side effects” of some of these drugs.

Ritalin the change your Child's behavior Drug

Big Pharma is Drugging our Children Ritalin the permanent change to your Child’s behavior. The Drugging of our Children.

Clandestine memos between regulators and pharmaceuticals show that the multitudes of side effects were well known from what studies were done, the least of which is suicide. Yet the push was on to get these poisons approved.  And approved by the FDA, they were. High tech marketing led to a 740% increase in profits, and their faulty science was disregarded, hell it was all hidden!

There was widespread scientific fraud and manipulation of what informational facts were released. In 2,000 studies it was determined that there is no good evidence to prove that there is any improvement in quality of life in the use of these drugs. Are we just making the drug companies rich at the cost of our children’s health? In fact upon review it was shown that there is 6x-12x increase in suicide attempts with some of these medications. It also showed 28,000 adverse reactions.

FDA DECISION IS MADE!. What? I didn't hear that. I don't know I can see a thing. I can't confirm nor deny anything!

FDA DECISION IS MADE!. What? I didn’t hear that. I don’t know I can see a thing. I can’t confirm nor deny anything!

The federal advisory committee has rules about who can sit on the DSM committee.

Rule #1 states that anyone with a substantial financial conflict of interest cannot sit on the DSM committee.

Rule #2 states that rule #1 can be waived.

In order for Doctors to be paid (for treatment purposes) i.e third-party reimbursements These condition must be present in the DSM manual. Diagnostic Statistical Manual for mental illness. And the manual is updated by many of the very Doctors that receive not only the third party reimbursements, but also are paid by drug companies at sponsored functions and speaking engagements. When members come together for these updates, they devise names for a syndrome and vote for the addition to the DSM. Majority wins! Of the 170 members 56% have strong financial ties to the drug companies! Not to worry please see rule#2!

A case of the Fox Guarding the Hen House

A case of the Fox Guarding the Hen House. The Big Pharma. Diagnosing our Children.

And the progeny doesn’t stop there. As a resistance builds, the dosage is increased and often times medications are added to counter side effects resulting in a cocktail of medications each with their own laundry list of side effects. CHA CHING $$$! I have seen first hand the # of medications someone diagnosed with bipolar disorder may be prescribed. A client of mine has a regime of 20 medications a day. At only 57 yrs old she is all but bedridden, I am uncertain about how much of that is physical and how much is a result of living a flat and gray existence, as if all of her colors have faded and so has life.

Many at risk youth and foster children are the recipients of these medications through the system. Children who may not have consistent care and supervision where a caring and familiar adult can ascertain changes in their behavior. Regardless of any child’s circumstances, these anti psychotic drugs where never designed for, nor tested properly for children. The FDA is not looking out for them. It is up to us to do the research and act accordingly. Learn what questions to ask, and get vital information not provided by your Dr. the FDA or the drug manufacturers. Don’t believe their lies these drugs are addictive.

Please take a look at these documentaries, and share these links provided with others.

We are vested in the youth of today, we are not only passionate about our being of Mother Earth, but our precious children that grace her and us with their presence, they are our future. Gardening is a splendid pastime to share with children.

What do you Say? Stop the Big Pharma. Drugging of our Children

What do you Say? Stop the Big Pharma. Drugging of our Children

Light, Love and Blessings


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Disclaimer: This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment of any kind. We don’t imply or condone the breaking of any laws. For educational purposes Only. Or are we telling anybody to do anything regarding themselves. Nor, am I a terrorist. We are all big boys and girls and can make up our own minds, if you Clowns would just take the fluoride out of the water supplies.

No Government officials please, I just took a bath. What? You know what to do, If you can’t take a Joke Right…?

Big Pharma is Drugging our children, and it’s time to speak up Let’s stop to this now!