Burning Desire, With the Fire from Within

Burning Desire to be free

Burning Desire to cling to Nothing. The Dragon Awaits

Burning Desire takes on a different perspective when viewed from the Anagogic. Experience becomes Wisdom. The Anagogical is a method of spiritual perspective that brings a deeper meaning to the literal happening.

On Sept. 15th. our community experienced a wild-fire that change the life of many people who experienced this event. Costing some people everything they owned. Some might say this is a bad thing and literally it is. However, when ones Spirit learns a valuable lesson that saves their Spirit. Their perspective changes to the Anagogic. So to speak Spiritual, a Burning Desire becomes a blessing. Some may not view it as such, So here’s the perspective.

First let me fill in some blanks using the literal, as the devil is in the details. We value life though the things we possess, or better said, possess us. Although some may not have much, it’s all they have. When all those things are striped away. The true value of life becomes crystal clear. Our life changes path and we begin a new Spiritual walk that takes us on a direct path to the Great Spirit. That Great Spirit is YOU. YOU are here to know Thy self.

Burning Desire. The expansiveness of Spirit consciousness.

Burning Desire. The expansiveness of Spirit consciousness.

Burning Desire


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