Caught Between Two Worlds, We are Experiencing a Duality


We are Caught Between Two Worlds Our Duality

We are Caught Between Two Worlds at this very moment. The old world we have experienced is falling away. We are experiencing this falling away all around us. Yes it’s frightening. As with any change there are the moments of uncertainty when we get our first glimmer of light and we see for the first time the unknown. Our sense of loss over takes us and we lose touch with our Spirit. Or we realize our lack of Spirit. The old ways and the old beliefs no longer support our world which we have come to understand. So many things are happening all at once. That it is difficult to find a place to take a breath, gather our thoughts and center our feelings. When we look this way we see that. So we look in another direction and we see this. It appears no matter which way we turn, we find this or that.

We are Caught Between Two Worlds.

In The Holographic Projections of Beliefs. I  shared my experience with being Caught Between Two Worlds. The world of my old beliefs and the world of my new beliefs. This is when I realized, Change a Belief, Change a Reality.

Caught Between Two Worlds

Dreams of a old Paradigm. When the dream becomes a nightmare. When do we wake up?


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