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Introducing the Compost Wizard Duel Tumble at

With the New Compost Wizard Dueling Tumbler, Compost with ease. We purchased this compost tumbler from a company we work with in the Good Ole U.S.A, that has some Good Ideas. There it is fresh out of the Box.

Fresh out of the Box.

It comes fully assembled all you have to do it take each piece, (Base and Tumbler), out of the box and it’s ready to go. We just love how it’s duel chambered so that you can have one side cooking the compost and add new materials to the other. What a Good Idea! Plus, the box is fun to play with, it makes a good fort, or a great robot body for Halloween. Enough about the box back to the Compost Wizard Dueling Tumbler.

The base is well built and sturdy with heavy duty caster wheels for ease of turning the tumbler, where all the work is being done. Here’s a shot of the sturdy base and casters. You can also see from the picture, a hole in the base that collects the compost tea. 5 Gallons of that precious resource that might otherwise go to waste, your plants love this stuff and it’s good for them to! I was thinking, I might add another hole at each end so as not to waste a drop of the compost tea.  The compost tea will come out of the lid area during cooking if you leave the lids down at the bottom, I was looking for the holes  and didn’t see them this makes sense or does it? We’ll find out.

Sturdy base Design

Close up of the casters. These are a heavy duty casters as the weight will increase as you add more materials like kitchen scraps, (Minus Meats), and yard debris like leaves, grass clipping and even paper and cardboard, but not the box. It’s cool, not yet.

The big red thing is the plug for the compost tea chamber. They thought of everything.

Now on to the Compost Wizard Duel Tumbler Chamber. The whole tumbler is 7 cubic feet in size. Each side is 3.5 cubic feet of compost making madness. As stated above you can have one side cooking and add materials to the other or, you use both sides at the sames time for big yard cleanups. It doesn’t care it will make the compost in a matter of weeks in warmer weather. We have paid close to $10.00 per bag for 2 cubic feet of compost or potting soil from the stores. So this baby will save you money in the long run and pay for it’s self in a few seasons. Let’s do the math $ 10.00 per bag times 10 bags at,……… I hate word problems! The chambers is heavy duty, I measured it at 1/8 of an inch BPA free recycled Polyethylene plastic and is FDA approved for contact with edibles. Plus, it has some very handy handle designs for ease of tumbling and carrying to the garden area if you need to. The holes on the sides are for oxygenation of the compost and more can be drilled if needed. We’re going try it out as is and see how it does.

Handy handles. nice design. There more grab holes for spinning.

Holes on the side for oxygenation. Did I already say the box was cool?

Oh, I see the holes for the compost tea to come out, so it works either way. They did think of everything, what do you know?

Anyway, I even took  a picture of the inside. I want you to see it all folks. This is a good composter. Well worth the money! You can skip this part if you want to. This is a review. So here it is.

The handles work as a mixing blade for the compost, man these guys are smart. Well that’s why their called Good Ideas!

There you have it folks, fresh out of the box. Did I tell you about the Duel purpose box already?

This is a very nice composter for the money and well built. If I didn’t feel so I would be sending it back. I did find two problems with it but they are so very minor and had one fixed in 5 minutes. First, The rivets for the screw tops had one rivet on each side that was still sticking up and made the lids hard to take off. But this could be designed to keep children out of the Compost Wizard Duel Tumble. I just filed them down and presto. Easy on easy off. No kids anyway. The tabs on the screw off lids could be a little taller and bigger, maybe their just saving plastic and helping the environment. I can live with that. But, the screw top lids are labeled tighten> loosen<, this makes up for the problems I found.

If you’re thinking of composting, and you should. Take a good look at the Compost Wizard Duel Tumbler. Oh, we just did. It’s well worth the money and it will pay for it self ! You can get yours, I got mine at Find your Tumbler and price. Happy Composting with ease.

This one could be yours. No way, were keeping this one. You can find yours at Living smart to save you money!

We at DoowansGardenSupply Thank Good Ideas Inc. for there really Great products, awesome support, and craftsmanship. Keep up the Good Ideas!