Using Death as our Adviser in Life.


The Death of a Terrorist

In a blog I have followed the writer mention that he was afraid of death. This is no surprise as most are. This encouraged this Doowan to write about death since I Am closer to mine with every moment. Isn’t it strange how birthdays remind one of their death as we get older? My definitive journey is fast approaching. So now seemed like an appropriate time to act and write about death and how it can be used to live ones life.

The fear of dieing seems strange to me as it really boils down to being simply fear. All my life I have been faced with death as one involved in the practice medicine, I saw it on a daily basis. Yes, I know why they call it a practice. True, it wasn’t my death I faced, but it was death never the less. Then again maybe it was my death I was SEEing. With each patient that died in front of me. I died with them! So In essences, I have died a number of times, to many to count. This is why I feel I can write about death, having died so many times. After seeing it so much we became friends. This may sound strange that one would become friends with their death. But in fact this is true. Most people live in fear of death. How can one live life in fear of death? It seems like an oxymoron, like liquid gas.

Death, Life. What’s the difference?


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