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Depression has many causes. Sometimes it appears life gets in the way of our happiness. Funny not Ha Ha, funny but Hummm funny. The cause may be what you drink. For those that think they are doing the right thing for themselves drinking diet soda. Think again! Here’s an article we found that might explain your depression. Of course you can always go see your doctor and get on Prozac.

However Prozacs been known to cause depression so what’s the sense of that? Sometimes we just need to change a routine and the depression goes away. I can testify to that because for a long time I was depressed. Yep even me. Fortunate for me I found the cause of my depression. It was called marriage. Weird, because I thought I really loved this woman. But once the marriage dissolved, I was no longer depressed. Go Figure! I still love this woman but now I don’t have to live with her. Presto! The Depressions gone. I’M not saying that’s the cause of all depression or even your depression, that is if you are depressed.  But the proof is in the pudding for me. That by changing a routine I had fixed my depression. Anyway, here’s the article Enjoy!

Depression maybe caused by Diet Soda

(Newser) – Yet another reason diet soda may not be as good a choice as you assumed: A new study links it to an increased risk of depression, LiveScience reports. More than 263,900 US adults answered questions about their beverage consumption between 1995 and 1996, and about 10 years later, they were asked if they had been diagnosed with depression since the year 2000. Those who regularly consumed four or more cans per day of any type of soda were 30% more likely to have been diagnosed with depression, but those who chose diet soda saw a 31% increased risk compared to just 22% for regular-soda-drinkers.

Regular drinkers of diet fruit drinks also saw an increased risk of depression: They were 51% more likely to have been diagnosed, compared to those who didn’t consume such drinks. Not sure what to replace your diet soda or diet fruit drink habit with? Try coffee: Regular coffee drinkers were 10% less likely to have been diagnosed with depression than those who stay away from cups o’ joe. Or you could just stick with your favorite beverage for now.

The study didn’t actually determine whether any particular drink was to blame for the depression. But, LiveScience notes, other studies have found a similar link between sweetened beverages and depression.

Depression the number one cause of being Depressed

Depression the number one cause of being Depressed

Thanks Newser for the up lifting news on depression. Hey, why do you think they call it soda? Sometimes the name says it all. SOOOOOOO DAAAAAAA! If you like drinking soda that’s great because the pharmaceutical companies have lots of Prozac they would like to get rid of. This way you can continue to drink SOOOOOOO DAAAAAA and not be depressed. Maybe!

Of course if the Prozac doesn’t work they can always add another drug like Abilify and eventually you won’t be able to afford soda. Presto! You’re cured. You are no longer depressed. Good job Prozac!

So you have Depression, Want to trade shoes?

If you have Depression and you think you have it bad read this article. Now this guy has a reason to be depressed!

(AP) – A sperm donor in Kansas is fighting an effort to force him to pay child support for a child conceived through artificial insemination by a lesbian couple. William Marotta told the Topeka Capital-Journal newspaper he’s “a little scared about where this is going to go, primarily for financial reasons.” When the 46-year-old donated sperm to Angela Bauer and Jennifer Schreiner in 2009, Marotta relinquished all parental rights, including financial responsibility to the child. But when Bauer and Schreiner filed for state assistance in Kansas this year, the state demanded the donor’s name so it could collect child support for the now 3-year-old girl.

The state contends the agreement between Marotta and the women is not valid because Kansas law requires a licensed physician to perform artificial insemination. Bauer and Schreiner have said they fully support Marotta’s efforts to fight the state’s request. A hearing on a motion by Marotta’s attorneys to dismiss the case is scheduled for Jan. 8.

Do these little guys looked depressed? I bet this donor has Depression.

Do these little guys looked depressed? I’ll bet this donor has Depression.

Hope you enjoy this moment. Cheer up the next scientific study might find the cause for Asthma, is breathing. For now I think I’ll stick with drinking Beer. The last study suggested that that’s the cause of persistent peeing. Hey, don’t they have a pill for that? I better go to the doctors!

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No longer Depressed.And LOVING it.

No longer have Depression. And LOVING it.

What if a scientific study finds that life is the cause of depression? Will we quit being Depressed or just stop living? Sometimes the cure for depression is a good laugh at ourselves.

Time for a Beer.

Disclaimer: This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment of any kind. We don’t imply or condone the breaking of any laws. For educational purposes Only. Or are we telling anybody to do anything regarding themselves. We are all big boys and girls and can make up our own minds, if you Clowns would just take the fluoride out of the water supplies.

Have Depression? Cheers, Bottoms up!