New DNA Strand Found in Humans.

New Quadra DNA Strand DNA

New Quadra DNA New DNA Strand found in Humans

New DNA Strand

Yep, just like this writers been saying all along that our DNA is changing.  Which is a fact, they are now actually throwing us a bone, and admitting to four Stands. They are saying the New DNA Strand found in Humans like we lost it or something. And they found it for us. It’s been there all along and there’s more. Now this could be the cure for cancer. Oh my God, they just never give up. They have the cure for cancer. How come you never hear of the an elite like Rockefeller coming down with cancer. He’s got to be at least 200 hundred years old. Anyway, there’s the main stream media to prove it. What’s been said all along. There are actually 12 strands of DNA to be found in human beings but just like before most of you won’t believe until the main stream media says you can believe it. Man that programming stuff really works. That’s to bad because there is so much more out here in the cosmos than main stream media can report.

Fact is there’s so much more to us as human beings then what we have been taught or even understand at this point. Remember we are just waking up to the totality of ourselves and the source of creation. The only difference between us is, that some of us woke up early this morning and some slept in. No worries, No criticism, No Foul, Hope you had a good nights sleep. Now that your awake, good Morning! Coffee? or 12 strands of DNA? How about some fresh parallel realities with a side of dimensional shifts to start your day off right? You know breakfast is the most important meal!

Double helix DNA strand

Double helix DNA strand Found in Humans


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