That’s right, the Great and Powerful Dr. GMOZ has spoken and sold his Soul to Corporate America.

Eat GMOZ there good for you!

Eat GMOZ there good for you!

We wonder what Oprah thinks of him now that Dr. GMOZ Sells his Soul? It just goes to show you how fast these people will turn on you when money gets involved. We have the article from the NaturalNews Below. We couldn’t help ourselves in making our comments in Italics. The NaturalNews website is a great place to get the latest and greatest on GMOZ. We thank them for their efforts in bring this information to the light for all to see.

(NaturalNews) article Dated Tuesday, October 16, 2012 by: S. D. Wells

Dr. Oz’s recent attack on organics has left a large number of people shocked at his betrayal of the organic consumer community. His Facebook page was being absolutely inundated with posts from people calling him a “betrayer” and asking why he would attack organics and start promoting feedlot beef and food made with pesticides and GMO.

We couldn’t agree more. One might ask themselves, who pays for his TV show. After all Television programming is owned by corporate America. If he wants to stay on TV he has to play ball.

But Dr. Oz’s attack on organics is not the action of a lone madman who has lost touch with reality. It’s part of a coordinated P.R. campaign that has been organized against organics, Natural News has learned, and it’s being run behind the scenes by one of the most prominent P.R. companies in America.

(See above statement)

Their tactics resemble that of Big Tobacco in the 20th century, which promoted cigarettes by linking them to freedom and “coolness.” Today, as Dr. Oz’s TIME Magazine article nauseatingly demonstrated, the P.R. strategy is to try to link organics with “elitism” by calling people who eat organics “the snooty 1%.”

Well then just call us snooty! Sticks and Stones can break my Bones, But GMOZ can sterilize me and then kill me!

Have you had your Corn Flakes this morning?

Have you had your Corn Flakes this morning?

Where did Dr. GMOZ get his talking points?

Dr. OZ was not the author of the talking points highlighted in his article, I believe. Those were likely handed to him by the P.R. firm behind the attack on organics, and this same P.R. firm (which shall go un-named for the time being) also has links to the “No on 37” campaign in California that got caught breaking federal law, fabricating FDA quotes and impersonating police organizations in order to steal the vote away from the YES on 37 campaign. The way the plot works is to recruit influential people, then convince them to put their names on highly manipulative, derogatory stories about organics that are placed in mainstream media rags such as TIME Magazine or the New York Times, often dubbed the “toilet paper of record.”

We all know what we do with toilet paper. We believe every word that comes out of Dr. GMOZ mouth from now on, should be flushed with the toilet paper.

I hope they have a bathroom, I really have to go!

I hope they have a bathroom, I really have to go!

Roger Cohen at the New York Times recently put his name on a story that called people who eat organics “delusional cult members.” That article implied that people who choose organic food suffer from a mental disorder. For that article, Natural News gave him the 2012 Idiot of the Year Award (which, in retrospect, may have been premature as Dr. Oz is definitely in the running now…)

The name calling just never stops. If they can’t win and argument call them names. And he calls us delusional cult members. You bet I’ll join the cult of fresh organic NON GMOZ foods where do I sign up? These people are just amazing! LOL Looks to us as though DR. GMOZ and Roger Cohen have both been bitten by the big green monster$ 

Would you hand me some T.P. please!

Would you hand me some T.P. please!

The world recently learned that TIME Magazine suffers from hilarious nutritional illiteracy when its own managing editor, Rick Stengel, recently declared that canned food was nutritionally identical to organic food. Click here to listen to Robert Scott Bell and Jerry Doyle break down this outrageously ignorant statement from TIME Magazine’s editor. This is all part of the same orchestrated plot against organics that we saw Dr. Oz spewing recently.

How does somebody this ignorant become a managing editor? Canned food identical to organic. This man may have never tasted Organic Heirloom Tomatoes fresh off the vine. If he thinks canned tomatoes are the same. And the hits just keep on coming!


What, you called me snooty. Well I never, eat Organic Whole foods. Look how good I look. See there good to eat!

Dr. Oz joined the ranks of the food sellouts by claiming that people who eat organic foods are “snooty” and “elitist” and even “undemocratic,” as if choosing organic food is somehow anti-American. Real Americans eat pesticides and GMOs, Dr. Oz implied!

We just can’t stop laughing. He’s really pretty funny.

Who is behind this massive P.R. effort to destroy organics? The usual suspects, of course: All the same corporations that were behind the “No on 37″ campaign. The near-victory of YES on 37 freaked them out, and they realized they cannot win the GMO labeling issue long-term, so the only way to defend their territory and profits is to make healthy food seem un-cool and elitist.

UnCool? How Cool are we? We are members of the Lollipop Guild.

UnCool? How Cool are we? We are members of the Lollipop Guild. That’s me in the center.

Now that’s a big surprise, isn’t it. It’s a shame that Dr. GMOZ sold out to corporate America. He actually could have done some good for the human race. We hope he got a good price for the selling of his soul.

It is my belief that Dr. Oz is part of an organized plot to destroy organics. Influential people are being approached and recruited. Mainstream media publication of the hit pieces is being “arranged” at high levels. Talking points are being crafted by master manipulators. And the whole thing is funded by the obvious opponents of organics: Pesticide companies and biotech firms.

Oh my!

Oh my!

The LOVE of money is the root of all Evil. We Doowans sure hope these people can take it with them when and where they’re going. In reality their paper money is only valuable for one thing. As mentioned above. Because their Credit Card may leave a mark!

Thanks S.D.Wells for the insight on why they call it programming and how it works! If we only had a brain, a heart, and the courage to act.

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What do you Say?

What do you Say? The Great and powerful OZ has Spoken.

Disclaimer: This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment of any kind. I don’t imply or condone the breaking of any laws. For educational purposes Only. Or am I telling anybody to do anything regarding themselves. We are all big boys and girls and can make up our own minds, if you Clowns would just take the fluoride out of the water supplies.

Who’s next? Dr. GMOZ has spoken and sells his Soul.