Feeding the Beast, With our thoughts, and our Beliefs.

Feeding the Beast

Stop Feeding the Beast your Beliefs.

We are very powerful Spiritual beings. Our thoughts, our beliefs, our feelings, have power. Our consciousness carries a frequency. Our thoughts our Beliefs, our feelings, give our consciousness its vibrations. In Holographic Projections of Beliefs is discussed the Idea that reality is a projection. Our thoughts, beliefs, and feeling are projected on the holographic film of this dimension.  So what we believe, think, and feel is what we get in return. Are we Feeding the Beast?

Let’s say we have this belief any belief… It’s more truthful, more powerful to understand why we believe in something. Then believing in the something we believe in.

Why do we believe? When we take a look at our beliefs, we may find that those beliefs were never really ours to begin with. We were taught to believe this or that or even the other thing, by our parents, our teachers, our peer group, our society, our rulers, our governments, the church and everything and everybody that we have come into connect with and shared these Ideas. They were taught their beliefs as well, and it goes as far back as one wants to see. We have all been taught our beliefs. We have all been Feeding the Beast.

At some point, we come to the point of I AM. We become aware of our self as our self. If you exist and apparently you do because you are reading this. Then one can decide for them selves, in this moment to change their beliefs. If they choose to. By asking them self this question…..

Why do I believe this belief?


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