Gmo Armageddon and the Human Condition (Diseases)

Last Month was Non Gmo month, not nearly long enough to bring all the facts to the forefront in this Gmo Armageddon. Could the new Disease conditions we are seeing now be caused by eating Gmo foods? What do you feel? Question: What was the last Disease that was been Cured, (not treated), but cured? Can you name just one?

I have worked in Medicine for twenty years and I can’t name one. Hint: The Pharmaceutical Companies can’t make tons of money by curing people, they have to keep you coming back for more. They offer you Prozac for depression so you don’t commit suicide and than listed in the side effects when taking the drug they list: may cause Suicide. I thought this was suppose to help! Come on folks there is something going on here that needs a deeper investigation. So lets get started on Gmo Armageddon.

Gmo Armageddon

Notice what he has in his hand? Isn’t a Sickle used for Harvesting Crops? Yea, GMO Crops, Gmo Armageddon

Gmo Armageddon The danger of GMO’s

The question of whether or not genetically modified foods (GMO’s) are safe for human consumption is an ongoing debate. Due to lack of labeling, We Americans are still left at a loss as to whether or not what we are eating is genetically modified. This lack of label information makes the avoiding GMO foods an exercise in futility for now. We can change this.

Below are some of the food products popularly identified to be genetically modified:

1. Corn – Corn has been modified to create its own insecticide.  Monsanto has revealed that half of the US’s sweet corn farms are planted with genetically modified seed. Rats fed with GM corn were discovered to have smaller offspring, fertility problems, and tumors. Plus, 50 to 70% premature death (French Study)

Gmo Armageddon

Man that’s gotta hurt. No Rats were harmed in the making of this blog. Gmo Armageddon

2. Soy – Soy has also been genetically modified to resist herbicides. Soy products include soy flour, tofu, soy beverages, soybean oil and other products that include pastries, baked products and edible oil. Hamsters fed with GM soy were unable to have offspring and suffered a high mortality rate. Pass that Twinky over here will you?

Gmo Armageddon

This what soy bean looks like in the Gmo Armageddon

3. Cotton – Like corn and soy, cotton has been designed to resist pesticides. It is considered food because its oil can be consumed. Incidentally, thousands of Indian farmers suffered severe rashes upon exposure to BT cotton while picking it.

Gmo Armageddon

Gmo Armageddon Itchy fruit of the Loom scratch your BVDs

4. Papaya – The virus-resistant variety of papaya was commercially introduced in Hawaii in 1999. Transgenic papayas comprised three-fourths of the total Hawaiian papaya crop.

5. Rice – This staple food from South East Asia has now been genetically modified to contain a high amount of vitamin A. Allegedly, there are reports of rice varieties containing human genes to be grown in the US. China Daily, an online journal, reported potential serious public health and environment problems with genetically modified rice considering its tendency to cause allergic reactions with the concurrent possibility of gene transfers.

Gmo Armageddon

Rice plants be careful when consuming Gmo Armageddon

6. Tomatoes – Tomatoes have now been genetically engineered for longer shelf life, preventing them from easily rotting and degrading. In a test conducted to determine the safety of GM tomatoes, some animal subjects died within a few weeks after consuming GM tomatoes. But, the FDA says their safe.

Gmo Armageddon

Grow your own Non GMO Tomatoes and taste the difference avoid the Gmo Armageddon

7. Rapeseed – This crop was renamed canola to differentiate it from non-edible rapeseed. Food stuff produced from rapeseed includes rapeseed oil (canola oil) l used to process cooking oil and margarine. Honey can also be produced from GM rapeseed. German food surveillance authorities discovered as much as a third of the total pollen present in Canadian honey may be from GM pollen. In fact, some honey products from Canada were also discovered to have pollen from GM rapeseed. I can’t believe is not Butter.

8. Dairy products – It has been discovered that 22 percent of cows in the U.S. were injected with recombinant (genetically modified) bovine growth hormone (rbGH). This Monsanto created hormone artificially forces cows to increase their milk production by 15 percent. Milk from cows treated with this milk inducing hormone contains increased levels of IGF-1 (insulin growth factors-1). Humans also have IGF-1 in their system. Scientists have expressed concerns that increased levels of IGF-1 in humans have been associated with colon and breast cancer. What, did they just say that?

Gmo Armageddon

Moo, Gmo Armageddon Got Milk?

9. Potatoes – Mice fed with potatoes engineered with Bacillus thuringiensis var. Kurstaki Cry 1 were found to have toxins in their system. Despite claims to the contrary, this shows that Cry1 toxin was stable in the mouse gut. When the health risks were revealed, it sparked a debate. Lets Cure yourselves with a debate.

10. Peas – Peas that have been genetically modified have been found to cause immune responses in mice and possibly even in humans. A gene from kidney beans was inserted into the peas creating a protein that functions as a pesticide.

I just don’t understand how a human government can continue to say that these genetically modified foods are safe. I have my personal theories. When studies have shown what happens when these foods are consumed. Plus, it seems that Monsanto is the biotech giant  behind this genetic modifications. Are they our government or just a corporation and as such can be dissolved. To this day, the government has refused to address the issue of purity standards for GE-manufactured products. Why?

Genetically Engineered Food Alters Our Digestive Systems!

gmo death

A look inside us Gmo Armageddon

Having genetically engineered genes permanently living inside our guts has staggering implications:

If the antibiotic gene inserted into most GMO crops were to transfer, it could create antibiotic-resistant diseases.
Bt toxins (Bacillus thuringiensis) inserted into GMO food crops to kill pests are reaching the bloodstreams of 93% of women and 80% of unborn babies because of the consumption of meat, milk, and eggs from livestock fed GMO corn. This could turn bacteria in our intestines into pesticide factories.

Animal studies show that DNA in food can travel into organs throughout the body, even into the fetus.
And we’ve seen cross-species transfer of DNA has happen before. A significant percentage of human DNA is actually viral DNA that became part of us. There is concern that virally transmitted DNA through GMOs may cause mutations and psychiatric disorders such as schizophrenia and mood disorders. Take a pill.  GMO organisms may exacerbate this phenomenon. Genetically engineered food genes transferring to our own genes could lead to problems like leaky gut syndrome, IBS, and Crohn’s disease. Our small intestine, which are responsible for about 70% of our immune system, behaves like a selective sieve: it lets only nutrients and well-digested fats, proteins, and starches enter the bloodstream and keeps out large molecules, microbes, and toxins.

Leaky gut syndrome happens when the intestinal lining becomes inflamed, and the microvilli on the lining become damaged; this prevents the microvilli from absorbing nutrients and producing necessary enzymes and secretions for healthy digestion and absorption.

In between cells are desmosomes, which keep the cells together, forming a strong structure preventing large molecules from passing through. When an area becomes inflamed, the structure is weakened, allowing larger molecules to escape. This makes the immune system produce antibodies and cytokines to fight off molecules because they are perceived as antigens.

How much more of this can we take?  If we could reduce the amount of the immune system that goes to protecting our intestines from these conditions then more of our immune system would available to fight off other diseases and conditions that spring up in the human body. 

The GMO link to strange disease Gmo Armageddon

Gmo Armageddon

Gmo Armageddon and Morgellons Disease is Crystalline Fibers found in human tissue.

Gmo Armageddon and Morgellon

As early as 2008, reported about a condition called Morgellon’s disease. The article went on to report the symptoms of the disease as follows: crawling, stinging, biting and crawling sensations; threads or black speck-like materials on or beneath the skin; granules, lesions. Some patients report fatigue, short term memory loss, mental confusion, joint pain and changes in vision. Plus, there have been reports of substantial morbidity and social dysfunction leading to a dip in work productivity. The symptoms are so unbearable that a number of people suffering from the disorder have committed suicide rather than deal with the unbearable pain, constant feeling of something very much like an insect crawling without stop beneath the skin and unbearable itching. Of course, it is possible to speculate that the attitude of most physicians that the condition is a mental aberration rather than a physical one may not have helped these poor souls to cope with their affliction. Let’s offer them Prozac.

Food Allergy

Allergic reactions in humans occur when a normally harmless protein enters the body and stimulates an immune response.  Although no allergic reactions to GM food by consumers have been confirmed, in vitro evidence suggesting that some GM products could cause an allergic reaction,and some companies have discontinued their development. Looks like some companies have a human heart.

Increased Toxicity

Most plants produce substances that are toxic to humans. Most of the plants that humans consume produce toxins at levels low enough that they do not produce any adverse health effects.  Alternatively, the new gene could interfere with a metabolic pathway causing a stressed plant to produce more toxins in response.

Decreased Nutritional Value

A genetically modified plant could theoretically have lower nutritional quality than its traditional counterpart by making nutrients unavailable or indigestible to humans.  An inserted gene could cause a plant to produce higher levels of phytate decreasing the mineral nutritional value of the plant. Another example comes from a study showing that a strain of genetically modified soybean produced lower levels of phytoestrogen compounds, believed to protect against heart disease and cancer, than traditional soybeans.

Antibiotic resistance

In recent years health professionals have become alarmed by the increasing number of bacterial strains that are showing resistance to antibiotics.  There is concern that bacteria living in the guts of humans and animals could pick up an antibiotic resistance. By attaching the desired gene to an antibiotic resistance gene in the new GM plant.

Gmo Armageddon

I just sit around and wait. You’ll come around Gmo Armageddon well see to that

The Impact of Genetically Modified Organisms on Human Health it’s Gmo Armageddon

Most often the transferred gene allows the organism to express a trait that will add to its desirability to producers or consumers of the end product. This is the case with a product termed “Golden Rice,” which contains beta carotene, a source of vitamin A and iron. Rice is a dietary staple in most developing countries. These are the same countries that suffer from high rates of childhood blindness and maternal anemia.

What are the nutritional concerns of consuming genetically modified organisms?

If an individual who has a known allergy to peanuts unsuspectingly consumed a genetically modified organism that contained the allergenic protein from the peanut, conceivably the individual would experience an allergic reaction.

Why would the FDA approve genetically modified organisms without clinical trials?

Genes code for the production of specific proteins. All proteins consist of amino acids. Proteins differ from one another based on the sequence of the amino acids. When humans consume a GMO that has had a gene spliced into its genetic structure, we are then consuming that protein. Once we have ingested the protein, the genetically modified organism digests in the same way every other protein we consume. When it reaches the stomach, the stomach acid straightens and unwinds the protein. The body then takes up the amino acids. The body, in effect, breaks down all bonds and subsequently uses the amino acids. The human body cells cannot discern what is a gene from a “natural” or genetically modified organism because they are completely unbound from the original plant.

If this isn’t enough to enlighten you than maybe this last topic will.

Scientists have created the first genetically modified human embryo.

Led by Nikica Zaninovic, researchers at Cornell University added a green fluorescent protein to an embryo left over from assisted reproduction. They destroyed the embryo five days later. It is believed to be the first documented genetic modification of a human embryo. If the embryos were allowed to develop, with genetic modifications which would be permanent and passed to future generations. Developing such techniques would necessarily entail trial-and-error and risk-taking with human life. Do you think they really care about that.

Once they are done with all the plants will they start on us? I believe they already are. Starting with the foods we eat. Then moving to alter us as a human embryo. The bible states that God already cleansed the earth because our genes were impure. (Noah’s Flood) Looks to me as if we are in for it again. Maybe that’s their plan, Let God do it for them.

Gmo Armageddon

This is our home for now. Let’s respect it.

Knowledge is Power

Experience is Wisdom

Take your Power Back


Disclaimer: This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Contributed to this blob. Thank You ! I couldn’t have done it without your hard work, research and dedication.