This GMOZ Farmer to Farmer subject is so vast.

GMOZ Farmer to Farmer

Don’t ask me! I’m not even allowed to be in Nativity scenes anymore according to the pope.

We could write/blog on this topic the rest of our days, GMOZ Farmer to Farmer . Which are probably number because we are. With my last breath, Last breath! I say NO GMOZ. Let me just say it and leave no doubt. We don’t like you Monsanto. If you do. Stop reading here, we now know to whom you pray. There is nothing for you here. This company has done more to destroy the Earths Eco-System, the Home Farming Community world-wide, the Health benefits of Food, and the Human Race than any other we know. All in the name of the dollar and the gain of power for owning life its self.

God owns life and don’t forget that Monsatan. Because if we did know of another, we be writing about them instead. Lucky you Monsatan, clean up your act and we’ll move on to somebody else. In reality there is no shortage of companies like yours. Like the big bottled water companies. Stealing water all over the world from the poor. Look closely and  (see) the Logos of some of the Satan worshiping major companies in existence today.

No surprise just take a close look at the Satanist corporate control of our nations. Don’t kid yourself our governments, if they even exist, are ruled, and controlled, and pay for by corporations just like Monsanto, Coca Cola, Nestles, just to name a few. Just take look at the executives of the F.D.A.,  that have come from Monsanto, then went back to work for Monsanto. After they left the office (see VP). That should tell you something about the FDA. That’s why FDA is not helping fight for the American people.

No conflict of interest going on there, is there?

We can’t confirm or deny anything stated above. How about we just let the known facts speak for themselves!

GMOZ Farmer to Farmer

Your hood is in the shape of a M. WoW, Imagine that. Thanks for the heads up!

Facts: Since Monsatan has been forcefully changing the genes in our food supply without our consent, the disease rates are on the rise. Plus, new diseases are being discovered everyday. Great for the pharmaceuticals companies and the Medical Companies. Bad for the people like ourselves. Around the same time, and this strange, so has the amount of Chemical Spraying of crops on the ground and in the air called Chemtrails. Since the introduction of Monsatans Round-up the active ingredient glyphosate has shown up in our water supply and bodies. Glyphosate’s mode of action is to inhibit an enzyme involved in the synthesis of the aromatic amino acids: tyrosine, tryptophan and phenylalanine. Please (GMOZ=RNA+DNA.) Glyphosate is a class III on a scale of I to IV Toxicity according to the EPA another Government Agency. Glyphosate is generally less persistent in water than in soil, with 12 to 60 day persistence observed in Canadian pond water, yet because glyphosate binds to soil, persistence of over a year have been observed in the sediments of ponds in Michigan and Oregon. In streams, maximum glyphosate concentrations were measured immediately post-treatment and dissipated rapidly. Yea, it’s washing down stream to the seas. Glyphosate is “practically nontoxic to slightly toxic” for amphibians and fish. Am I hearing that a little toxicity is OK. For us Doowans it’s like saying your slightly pregnant. Or just slightly poisoned. Come on! The cost of our food in the stores has gone up every year since Monsatans genetic seeds have been sold to the farmers, along with the fuel prices the seed prices have seen an  increase of 300% per acre. While yields have actually gone down. Plus, our live stock is dyeing when they eat this GMOZ Corn, Gains, Alfalfa and Cotton.

What did you say not true!

2000 sheep in India three days after eating GMOZ Cotton.

GMOZ Farmer to Farmer

This is BaaaaaaaaaaaD They look dead to me! GMOZ Farmer to Farmer

The worst is the epicyte gene added to the GMOZ Corn plant which causes Human Sterilization. No wonder your food cost keep going up. Let’s ask the framers! Watch this video Farmer to Farmer. We could go for days, and have already written on this subject for almost two months.  The only way we as people can stop this is to do exactly want Europe has done. Write a memorandum to our congress men and women. Plus, We as a people must come together and stop buying these GMOZ foods. Yes, it going to be difficult. I have given up Lays and Doritos and never drink soda. That I use to LOVE, have to practice what I preach. Started growing our own Heirloom Vegetables and Herbs and living sustainably.

Please just do the best you can!

I would at this time like to bring our attention an interesting concept that has been introduced to the human Consciousness lately. There are a number of videos on YouTube that suggesting that the human DNA is changing due to Cosmic influence. That we are evolving into a new human species and consciousness. This sounds wonderful doesn’t?

GMOZ Farmer to Farmer

Changing DNA and the lighting up of the human chakras.

I agree! This would be wonderful. However I just wonder if our DNA is changing because of Cosmic forces or Monsatan Forces through eating GMOZ foods. And again we are be sold a bill of lies. By the NWO. It’s a fact that our DNA is changing because of GMOZ. I guess time will tell. If we should live that long. Help support us by not buying the Processed Foods that are not labeled Organic NON GMO. It worked in Europe it will work here in America.

Knowledge is Power

Take your GMOZ Power Back!


Disclaimer: This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment of any kind. I don’t imply or condone the breaking of any laws. Or am I telling anybody to do anything regarding themselves. We are all big boys and girls and can make up our own minds, if you Clowns would just take the fluoride out of the water supplies.

GMOZ Farmer to Farmer

GMOZ Farmer to Farmer WINK

Just ask a Gmoz Farmer to Farmer. If they think GMOZ are gods gift to the Human Race or a Human Curse.

GMOZ Farmer to Farmer

The path to a new way of life