GMOZ Salmon, we have been sold down river by the FDA, now we have to start Swimming up Stream.

Strict FDA review is needed for public health-consumer groups. FDA Review, you have got to be kidding me, they can’t even see the forest, because of all those damn trees around them. We can forget about the FDA coming to our rescue. We the people are going to have to make up our own minds, and just not buy any of the crap the FDA approves. Note the pharmaceutical ads on TV. Most of the drugs create more problems than they help and the FDA had to approve all of them. People get a clue from the pharmaceutical ads. Next will be GMOZ salmon ads.

salmon talking

I voted NO on me. My brain is smaller than the FDA’s, I think? Hey, I am FDA approved, so I must be good to eat. So eat me FDA!

The AquaBounty Salmon would be the first gene-altered animal for U.S. consumption but certainly not the last. As we will soon find out if we continue reading and or living in the U.S.A. No timeline was given for Food and Drug Administration decision. Yea, because they never know when they will have a thought. The FDA really stands for F^%# Dumb A$$e$ this agency is absolutely useless when it comes to protecting the consumer so we might as well be talking to a GMOZ Salmon and ask it to make a decision. I don’t see what the difficulty is. Hey Dumb A$$e$ how about NO!  Really it’s easier to say because it has one less letter in it than the word YES. That should help in your decision-making process, because it’s clear to the rest of us. You aren’t looking at the facts.

FDA DECISION COMING SOON!. What? I didn't hear that. I don't know I can see a thing. I can't confirm nor deny anything!

FDA DECISION COMING SOON!. What? I didn’t hear that. I don’t know, I can see a thing. I can’t confirm nor deny anything!

The consumer groups’ petition says the way these GMOZ salmon are created substantially alters their composition and nutritional value, and so they should be treated as a food additive. Under this standard, they said, the company’s data would have to overwhelmingly prove AquAdvantage salmon are safe to eat. So are mushrooms we just have to know which ones to eat!

The consumer groups – Food & Water Watch, Consumers Union, and the Center for Food Safety, said in a statement the “new animal drug” designation is insufficient to protect public health. The review process for food additives offers greater protection, they said. I believe the FDA is insufficient to protect public health and they prove it time after time.

AquaBounty had no comment on the petition. Big surprise Right!

The FDA did not comment specifically on the petition, but confirmed that the company’s application for FDA approval for AquAdvantage GMOZ salmon is under review, and that genetically engineered animals are evaluated under the new animal drug provisions of U.S. law. Who wrote this law and did they ask our opinions or put it to a vote? NO !

AquaBounty has said in the past that it sees these, (genetically modified), GMOZ salmon as a potential solution to environmental concerns associated with salmon aquaculture, and discounted fears they might accidentally escape into the wild and affect other fish. What’s unknown at this time is where AquaBounty is getting

[its] eggs from, Norway, or Scotland, and were these ISA-infected eggs? We don’t know, And if [AquaBounty] had that disease in its facility, what’s happening to the water they are dumping into the bay? What percentage of the water they use in this facility is recirculated, and what percentage goes out as effluent into the receiving waters, and does that effluent water contain the ISA virus? Are they treating the effluent? Will the ISA virus affect other fish? Again, we don’t know. It just appears we don’t know much, but we do know:

They don’t know about flying GMOZ pigs and now look.

See there's no such thing! Picture taken from our backyard on November 19, 2012We can not confirm nor deny that pigs can fly. That's on a need to know basis. But they are FDA Approved

See there’s no such thing! Picture taken from our backyard on November 19, 2012
We can not confirm nor deny that these GMOZ pigs can fly. That’s on a need to know basis. But they are FDA Approved

However, Food & Water Watch Executive Director Wenonah Hauter said the company’s own study showed that (genetically engineered) GMOZ salmon may contain increased levels of a hormone linked to breast, colon, prostate and lung cancer.

Cancer in Rats After being feed GMOZ. (French Study)

Cancer in Rats After being feed GMOZ. (French Study)

Ok, I have had enough of this BULL$%!#. When somebody does a study and are paid to do a study. The study should either prove it does or prove it doesn’t. What is this crap MAY CONTAIN If they don’t know do the damn study over again Dumb Ass! The truth is, they do know, but they don’t want you to know, so they play this word game hoping the fluoride is working and you just go back to watching their programming like good little boys and girls. Clue: It’s called programming for a reason. For your children’s shake say something anything! Just leave a comment I will say it for you. Just say something, Please.

When the FDA first opened its decision to approve GE salmon to public comment, some 200,000 people filed petitions saying they didn’t want the agency to approve the fish or if the agency did approve it, the product should be labeled as genetically engineered. The agency has already said it won’t require GMOZ salmon to be labeled as such, and this most recent move towards approval shows that they essentially ignored the American public’s wishes. Just like they always do.

Salmon GMO Size

At first you might think that GMOZ bigger is better. Let’s go ask the cow about the growth hormones it receives. And the puss that’s added to the milk we drink because of it.

Hope in the House

“This most recent development is spurring renewed interest in labeling bills,” referring to a variety of bills that have been introduced in both houses of Congress that would either require labeling for the fish, if approved, or to override the FDA’s approval and ban it outright. “Most members of Congress don’t think FDA has done good job reviewing the data.” Ya Think! The nonprofit Consumers Union called the FDA out about their testing, after finding out that the FDA spent all of two weeks reviewing AquaBounty’s safety data, which was collected from a grand total of six fish. Wow, that’s what I call a study.

The GMOZ Salmon plot thickens:

Many of those bills have started with senators and representatives—in both parties—from Alaska, a state that stands to lose big if their vital salmon industry is undercut by cheaper imports. “Alaska has strong pull that could bode well.”  “Senators [Mark] Begich and [Lisa] Murkowski had been so vocal in opposition to this application.” Last September, 40 senators and representatives from states across the country joined them in voicing their disapproval of the FDA’s handling of the application. Even in this bitterly divided Congress, the House of Representatives was able to pass an amendment to a farm-spending bill that banned the FDA from using any funds towards approving GMOZ salmon. Unfortunately, the ensuing budget battles stymied the bill and its amendment from moving further. Hey who does the House of Representatives really represent. I though it was the voters, at least that what I learned in school. We need to fire these idiots!

What We Can Do

Visit the Center for Food Safety. At its website,, you can send a letter to all your congressional representatives and to President Obama asking them to support two of the anti-GE bills floating through Congress

The petitioners said a proper review would require genetically engineered salmon to go through comprehensive toxicological studies to ensure the fish are safe to consume and properly labeled. If approved, AquAdvantage would be the first genetically altered animal for human consumption in the United States.

Genetically modified vegetables such as GMOZ corn have long been on the U.S. market, and the FDA allows modified animals as pets or to help produce biologic medicines. They said the salmon was the first genetically modified animal. They can’t even keep their lies straight. There is no timeline for a FDA decision. As a matter of policy, the FDA does not comment on citizen petitions. Or on much of anything really. Why do we even pay for these clowns, let’s save the taxpayers a lot of time and money and fire each and every one of them too. Then turn this process over to consumer groups through public grants. They do a much better job anyway! We can use the taxes we use to pay to these clowns and use them for the public grants.

This should come as no surprise

RODALE NEWS, EMMAUS, PA. After nearly a year of silence on the issue of genetically engineered salmon, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) this week essentially approved the controversial fish and passed its recommendations to the White House Office of Management and Budget for final approval, reports the Talking Points Memo.
The agency completed its environmental impact statement on the fish and sent it to the White House along with “a written a document supportive of its commercialization on the U.S. market,” Talking Points reports. But the findings weren’t released to the public, says Colin O’Neil, regulatory policy analyst for the Center for Food Safety, a nonprofit that opposes genetic modification. “One of the biggest problems most people have with internal review at the White House is that we don’t know what they’re considering,” he says. “And last year, FDA said that a minimal environmental review would be sufficient.” That’s bad news, considering all the havoc genetically engineered fish could wreak on the environment and human health. It’s not bad new folks. It’s deadly news, those F^%# Dumb A$$e$ did it to us again! With a six fish study.

FDA DECISION IS MADE!. What? I didn't hear that. I don't know I can see a thing. I can't confirm nor deny anything!

FDA DECISION IS MADE ON GMOZ SALMON!  I can’t confirm or deny anything. I don’t know, I can’t see a thing. What? I didn’t hear that.

(NaturalNews) There is a reason why those radiant, pink salmon filets and juicy, golden chicken breasts in the meat case at the grocery store typically appear unusually appetizing, but it often has nothing to do with the natural colorings of these animals’ flesh. It might come as a surprise to many readers, but conventional salmon, chicken, and various other meats are often are artificially dyed to give the illusion that they are healthier and more nutritious than they really are.
It turns out that 95 percent of the Atlantic salmon sold in stores is farm-raised, and that the vast majority of this farmed salmon is artificially dyed to look more like wild salmon. Pharmaceutical giant Hoffman-La Roche is a major producers of pink dyes specifically used in farmed salmon pellets, also known as processed salmon food, which obviously turns salmon flesh more pink.

Doesn't that look yummy?

Doesn’t that GMOZ look yummy?

But instead of being composed of the natural salmon antioxidant astaxanthin the deceptive pink color found in farmed salmon is nothing more than a synthetic color chemical known as “Carophyll” that is designed to look like astaxanthin and other natural salmon colorings. Hoffman-La Roche and others actually have a salmon color chart known as “SalmoFan” that allows salmon farmers to pick the shade of pink they want added to their salmon food, much in the same way that one would pick a wall paint color using color tiles at the hardware store.

News in California

For Californians who were rallying behind the proposed Consumer Right to Know Act (AB-88), a measure requiring all genetically engineered fish sold in California to be labeled as such. Well, that fish is dead in the water.
The measure failed by a vote of 9-7 during today’s Assembly Appropriations Committee hearing. The bill was first introduced in January 2011 by California Assemblyman Jared Huffman, who says he knew it would be an uphill fight. “This shows that if we’re going to get some reforms in place, giving consumers basic information on the GMOZ foods they eat, it will be tough to do that through the legislature,” he says. “We’ll have to go straight to the voters. If we had put this bill before the people of California, it would have passed overwhelmingly,” We try this with Prop. 37. I still think it passed and that we are being lied to again. Read: The Great And Powerful GMOZ has Spoken, if you think I’m full of it.

Oct 01,2012  The development, published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, isn’t likely to lead soon to less allergenic milk. The process for getting government approval to sell food derived from genetically engineered animals appears to be a hopeless logjam. Not for the salmon. A herd of so-called enviropigs GMOZ engineered to digest plant phosphorus more efficiently, cutting feed costs as well as levels of polluting phosphorus in their manure was euthanized this year because of funding difficulties and public wariness about genetically modified organisms. Cell and semen samples have been banked in cold storage until the regulatory climate and societal attitudes improve, according to the Canadian scientist who was in charge of the project. Cloning is against the law why keep samples?

See there's no such thing! Picture taken from our backyard on November 19, 2012We can not confirm nor deny that pigs can fly. That's on a need to know basis. But they are FDA Approved

See there’s no such thing! Picture taken from our backyard on November 19, 2012
We can not confirm nor deny that pigs can fly. That’s on a need to know basis. But they are FDA Approved

Goats that produce a protein in their milk that can help fight diarrhea in young children are being moved from California to Brazil for commercial development in what some scientists see as a more biotechnology-friendly locale. Out of sight out of mind.
Scientists are working on a range of products in various stages of development, including virus-resistant chickens, meat with healthier fat and mastitis-resistant dairy cows that would require fewer antibiotics. But the slow pace of progress on AquaBounty’s application has had a chilling effect on animal biotech efforts. Which are conducted in academic laboratories and small companies, not by the multinational corporations that develop genetically modified plants. Like that really makes a difference. Efforts have been foundering for lack of funding, or moving overseas. AquaBounty Technologies has enough money to survive until the end of January, said Ronald Stotish, president and chief executive of the company, based in Maynard, Mass.
In frustration, more than 50 scientists and biotechnology leaders sent a letter to President Obama last month asking him to urge the FDA to move forward on the AquaBounty GMOZ salmon decision. “There is much more at stake here than just a fish,” the scientists wrote
UC Davis animal geneticist James Murray was one of those who signed the letter. He has engineered goats to produce the human protein lysozyme in their milk, which helps shape the bacterial flora in the gut and improve gastrointestinal health. Should his goats or someone else’s transgenic animals come before the FDA, “we need them to make a decision,” he said. “We need the political process to allow the science-based regulatory process to work.”
Murray said he had arranged to move his transgenic goats to Brazil for development there because he saw no opportunity for regulatory approval or funding in the United States in the near future.
The new study on hypoallergenic cow milk was conducted at AgResearch in Hamilton, New Zealand, a government-owned research institution. Scientists genetically engineered cow cells to suppress the gene for a protein in whey — called beta-lactoglobulin, or BLG — that is present in cow milk but not in human milk. Beyond creating milk that was less likely to cause allergies, the scientists wanted to understand the function of BLG in milk, an extremely complicated fluid packed with proteins, fats and sugars.

Yep! Even me. I dream of green pastures

They remove stuff, and add stuff to me all the time.  Soon I will be able to fly like the pigs.

To remove the protein, the scientists engineered cow cells to make tiny RNA molecules that would interfere with the activity of the BLG gene, effectively silencing it. Then they used cloning technology to create a female calf from the genetically modified cells. Analysis of a small amount of milk obtained from the calf through hormonal induction found no traces of BLG. Why would you remove proteins, fats, and sugars from milk? Oh, I get it because the didn’t understand it.
For reasons the scientists do not understand, the milk contains elevated levels of a group of other proteins called casein, which also can trigger an allergic reaction. But that could be helpful for cheese-making, they said.
The calf is now about 11 months old, and the scientists intend to breed it next year so they can analyze the milk more extensively, said study coauthor Stefan Wagner, an animal geneticist at AgResearch. Among other things, they plan to see how it differs from conventional cow milk and test its allergy-reducing potential in mice, he said.
Dr. Robert Wood, director of pediatric allergy and immunology at Johns Hopkins Children’s Center in Baltimore, said he doubted the milk in the study would help his patients. Though it’s true that many children can’t tolerate BLG, they usually are allergic to a variety of milk proteins, including casein. The higher casein therefore presents “probably the worst-case scenario for most of our patients.”

It couldn’t possibly be because they are drinking milk from a cow, now could it. Last time I check, We aren’t cows. Plus all the GMOZ corn we are feeding them might have something to do with the rise in allergies in children. But I don’t have a PHD or MD behind my name. I just read all these articles and put two and two together come up with twenty-two. All the time these scientist thought it was four. They call it a practice for a reason, now don’t they! I am just sick and tiered of them practicing on me!

This is really why they are doing the studies and why they want the funding.

They want to replace the dying dolphin population

They want to replace the dying dolphin population with cowphins or is that dolcows!

I have got to go. I am so angry I could just spit Tacks. I am real sorry to the folks that want this information. Because I have pages more to write. Thanks for your support! The incompetence in U.S.A. government just breaks my heart. This use to be a great nation run by the people for the people. Now it’s Corporation run by Corporations. If we the people don’t do something and soon, we might as well bend over and kiss our butts good-bye. Hell, it might all ready be too late. With the current events we are now facing Total Annihilation is just around the corner. Possibly from our own government, I mean Corporation. Oh, boy the games on I think I’ll crack a beer and watch the game. Get some more  programming that everything going to be all right, because the government has us all under control. Hint: No such thing as the government it’s a corporation owned from overseas. You think I’m full of it! Do your homework and learn something new and not from the TV or the newspaper. No never mind just go watch the programming. The information’s out there. If you really wanted to know, you would know already. I am really tired of trying to wake some people up! I know, I’ll do it for the children!

What do you Say?

What do you Say?

Knowledge is Power

Take your Power Back


Disclaimer: This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment of any kind. I don’t imply or condone the breaking of any laws. Or am I telling anybody to do anything regarding themselves. Nor, am I a terrorist. We are all big boys and girls and can make up our own minds, if you Clowns would just take the fluoride out of the water supplies.

No Government officials please, I just took a bath. What? You know what to do, If you can’t take a Joke Right…?

GMOZ Salmon: We are still Swimming up Stream and it’s all damned up!