Since Knowledge is Power, we should discuss the differences between Heirloom Seed verse Hybrid Seed verse GMOZ seeds.

This way we can get a full understanding of what we wish to plant in our gardens and then eat the rewards or poison. Heirloom Verses Hybrid Verses GMOZ, The pre-started plants we gardeners buy at the garden shops are always one of these three types. Unless they are correctly labeled, we won’t know until you collect the seed from these plants and attempt to germinate them. That is, if you collect the seeds. Of course we can ask but do they really know? Some gardeners don’t collect the seed, and prefer to buy new plants each year. asks why? If we buy the right kind of plant/seed from the start its easy to collect the seed and plant it next year, saving time and money is what we are all about these days. Plus, germinating a little tiny seed and watching it grow into a plant that offers us it’s fruit is magical. They become like little children that you love and care for. It becomes part of the whole gardening experience, and knowledge that could be priceless if times get tough. For some unknown reason not all seeds germinate. Some reasons are known and we will touch on those in this article. Before we get started I just wanted to ask.

Heirloom Verses Hybrid Verses GMOZ

Have you ever wondered why some seeds have the spark of life inside and others don’t? Does the parent plant only have so much life to give and gives as much as it can? Does the plant choose which seeds to instill this spark, is it random chance or God that chooses? How many elements does the plant have to coalesce to make life come from a seed? Call me weird, but I wonder about stuff likes this. Anyway, let’s start with the Heirloom seed because we love this variety and the only kind we choose to plant.

Heirloom Verses Hybrid Verses GMOZ.

Heirloom Verses Hybrid Verses GMOZ There are more Heirloom tomato varieties then you can shake a GMOZ at. Thank You Laurel for your kindness
Photo courtesy of Laurel’s Heirloom Tomato Plants,

Heirloom Seed: Heirloom Verses Hybrid Verses GMOZ

Heirloom Seeds are open-pollinated, meaning they grow “true to type,” producing plants like the parents from seed. These are seeds that were commonly grown in bygone days (pre-dating the 1950s), but then fell out of favor as gardeners of the 1950s rushed to try the “new and improved” hybrid seeds. Recent Heirloom gardening can be seen as a reaction against this new and improved trend. Because it’s not improved!

Heirloom vegetables seeds are not a special species of plants. The term heirloom vegetable is used to describe any type of vegetable seed that has been saved and grown for a period of years and is passed down by the gardener that preserved it. It has a provenance, of sorts. To be capable of being able to be saved, and planted next year. Plus, adapted to the growing environment. All heirloom seed must be open pollinated.

Open Pollinated Seeds. Simply put, are openly pollinated (by insect, bird, wind, or other natural means) allows the same cultivar to be grown from seed for many generations. The seeds of open-pollinated plants will produce new generations of those plants (which hybrid seeds can’t do).

All heirloom seeds are open pollinated. Open pollination increases biodiversity and allows for ready saving of seeds. When you grow an open pollinated variety and save it for seed, you will get offspring that are similar to the parents. By hand picking the plants from which you wish to save seeds, you’re on your way to creating fabulous tasting plant vegetables that are specifically adapted to your growing conditions, knowing they’ll produce for you from generation to generation. The taste and nutrient value from these vegetables plants are beyond compare. However some heirlooms may not be as hardy or disease resistant as hybrids. This should be noted in the seed catalog. If you stay away from those plants, there aren’t any cons for the backyard gardener.

The one Con we found was pollination is uncontrolled and the pollen source is unknown, open pollination results in plants that may vary widely in genetic traits and characteristics. This is easily remedied by planting similar species at a distance from each other. So it’s not really a con, Plus, you may discover a plant that you just love. And save it’s seeds Win/Win.

Hybrid Tomato

Heirloom Verses Hybrid Verses GMOZ This looks like a hybrid not very many seeds

So, OP plants or heirlooms are simply varieties that are capable of producing seeds that will produce seedlings just like the parent plant. Not all plants do this.

Plant breeders cross-breed compatible types of plants in an effort to create a plant with the best features of both parents. These are called hybrids and many of our modern plants are the results of these crosses. While plants can cross-pollinate in nature and hybrids repeatedly selected and grown may eventually stabilize, many hybrid seeds are relatively new crosses and seed from these hybrids will not produce plants with identical qualities. Anyone can select and eventually stabilize their own seed or even hybridize new plants, but plant and seed companies have recently begun patenting their crosses so that they only have the right to reproduce the hybrids they’ve developed. We know who’s doing this don’t we?

Don't ask me! I'm not even allowed to be in Nativity scenes anymore according to the pope.

Yep! But, don’t ask me! I’m not even allowed to be in Nativity scenes anymore according to the pope.

Hybrid Seed:

Hybrids should not be confused with genetically modified organisms or (GMOs) which, according to the Biotech Guide, can be any plant, animal or microorganism which have been genetically altered using molecular genetics techniques such as gene cloning and protein engineering. Plants like corn that has the pesticide Bt engineered into its genetic makeup to make it resistant to certain pests are GMOZ crops. Bt is a natural pesticide, but it would never naturally find its way into corn seed. Imagine that!
Hybrid Seeds are produced by artificially cross-pollinating plants for the purpose of improving the characteristics of the new hybrid plant. Like better yield, greater uniformity, improved color, disease resistance, and so on. But this is not always the case.

Hybrids may have a good flavor but you can't save the seed

Heirloom Verses Hybrid Verses GMOZ Hybrids may have a good flavor and higher yield, but you can’t save the seed.

Hybrid seeds are widely used in both industrialized agriculture and home gardens so they’re easy to find. They do, in fact, produce a high yield of uniform crops. But you can’t save the seeds and produce the same plant again. Hybrids will revert back to the character traits of one of the parent plants. So you will never know what you’re going to get. The one con to hybrids is that the Hybrid seeds can’t be saved because the seed from the first generation of hybrid plants does not reliably produce true reproductions of the original plant. So new seeds must be bought every year, which can get expensive. From you know who! There is also a homogeny of taste, which can get boring if you enjoy diversity (heirlooms offer more varieties and more flavors)!

Kellogg"s We bring the best to you each and every morning. With easy human sterilization.

Kellogg”s We bring the best to you each and every morning. With easy human sterilization. Heirloom Verses Hybrid Verses GMOZ

GMOZ Seed: Booooo

GMOZ Seeds have been genetically altered using recombinant DNA technology. Basically, what this means is that the DNA molecules from different sources are combined in vitro into one molecule to create a new gene. This DNA is then transferred into an organism, causing modified or novel traits in that organism that wouldn’t otherwise appear naturally. Speaking of DNA please see GMOZ+RNA=DNA. We have talked extensively about this in other posts on this blog so we will not go into it here. If interested (Please see our other post on The Silent GMOZ Sterilization of the Human Race) too.

Sorry, I used this Picture again It just cracks me up. Whom ever did this, my hat is off to you. Have a place in my Heart.

Heirloom Verses Hybrid Verses GMOZ Sorry, I used this Picture again It just cracks me up. Whom ever did this, my hat is off to you.  You have a place in my Heart.

Not surprisingly, the use of GMOZ has sparked significant controversy. Some see this as dangerous meddling with biological processes that have naturally evolved over long periods of time. Others are concerned about the limitations of modern science to fully comprehend all the potential negative ramifications of genetic manipulation. Well this is a new science and they really know very little a this point, but they are shoving it down our throats as if they know everything.

Pros to GMOZ Seeds. Hmm, give me a few years and I may think of one………………………. NOT! Cons: Oh, that’s easy, NON-GMOZ crops can be cross-pollinated from genetically altered plants from up to 13 miles away! This could be the beginning of a death-nell for any biodiversity. To be fair to the other side, GM proponents point out that outcrossing (as this process is known) happens with any new open-pollinated crop variety newly introduced traits can potentially cross out into neighboring crop plants of the same species and, in some cases, to closely related wild relatives. That said, without going into all the implications here, I still find this stuff very scary to say it mildly.

When we stop and think about it.  The outcrossing does happen naturally. But in nature the genes have not been artificially alter and in some cases the gene for germination has been forcefully turned off. If that gene gets outcrossed with an Heirloom variety that Heirloom is render useless. Just like them to use an argument that nature does it so we can. The potencial effect for Ecological Disaster on all food crops, is just plain Evil. If this is what they believe. That they can alter genes and effect nature in such away as to render all food crop unusable.

Heirloom Verses Hybrid Verses GMOZ

Heirloom Verses Hybrid Verses GMOZ What some GMOZ ?

Then get off our planet and go find your own, you can screw up! We don’t what you or need your evil beliefs here anymore. We aren’t your lab rats, and you aren’t our masters. Leave!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry, folks sometimes they really make me really mad. How dare they do this to us, lie to us, stop us for labeling, steal our money, then screw things up for the rest of us, all so they can play at being GOD.  Then once this planet is render useless they might say, Ooooops we made a mistake. We’re Sorry! Horse Feathers as my father use to say, God rest is soul, please, he had to live with my mother! LOL. Love is never having to say your sorry, or so the saying goes. It’s a fact that they do not love us, so I’m pretty sure we will never get an apology. Evil doesn’t apologize, it just begets more evil. We have to take our power back and soon, if not now, when?

Spirit and Playing with Reality

Flying on the Wings of Consciousness. With Creation under our Wings. NOW, that’s Freedom!

Knowledge is Power

Experience is Wisdom

Take your Power Back


You bet ya!

You bet ya!

Disclaimer: This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment of any kind. I don’t imply or condone the breaking of any laws. Or am I telling anybody to do anything regarding themselves. Nor, am I a terrorist. We are all big boys and girls and can make up our own minds, if you Clowns would just take the fluoride out of the water supplies.

In a nutshell, hybrid seeds are great for the commercial and hobby gardeners who aren’t interested in saving seeds. Open pollinated, (including heirloom), seeds are preferred by the more serious gardener who wishes to become independent and self sustainable for his/her seeds and therefore food sources. I wouldn’t touch GMOs with a ten-foot pole. And the ten foot pole said it wouldn’t touch them either. But for the new gardener starting out, you really can’t go wrong with either hybrid or heirloom seeds. We Doowans recommend the Heirloom seed!

So in a nut shell you find the seed, does it have the spark of life or has it been striped away by Evil?

Heirloom verses Hybrid Verses GMOZ you decide!