Holographic Universe and our Brains connect.

Holographic Universe and our Brains

Holographic Universe and our Brains are the film

Does our Brain Memory Function as a Hologram?

There is evidence that suggest that the Holographic Universe and our Brains connect our reality and everything in it are just holographic images, projections from a level of reality beyond our own, quite literally beyond both space and time.

Years ago scientists believed that memories were localized in the brain. Every memory a person has was believe to have a location somewhere in the brain cells, memory traces called engrams. However, they never knew what an engram was or what it was made of, is it a molecule, a neuron, chemical or hormonal reaction inside the brain?  Experiments were performed in the 1920s on epileptics by electrically stimulating various parts of the brain, the patient would recall or relive the experience of past episodes from their life in vivid detail. If our memories are a complete record of our life, then even mundane day to day experiences would be recorded. It is reasonable to assume that by dipping randomly into the massive chronicle would product those mundane memories as well. But this was not the case.

It appeared that only significant events in their lives were recorded or imaged. So if we remove a larger section of the brain it’s logical to assume the memory might become hazy, or have memory loss. So they experimented on rats, trained them in a variety of tasks, like running a maze and removed part of their brain, attempting to remove the part that contained the memory of running the maze. Removing more and more of their brain. Often, the rats motor skills were impaired but even with massive portions of their brain removed the memory of the maze remained. (No rats were harmed in the writing of this Blog.)¬†

If memories possess a specific location in the brain, like books on a library shelves, why didn’t the removal of massive amounts of brain matter have any effect? The only answer is that memories are not localized but spend out through out the brain just like holographic film.

Seeing the Holographic Universe

Holographic Universe can be seen though the Third eye

The only question remaining is, What waveform phenomenon does the brain use to create the internal hologram or memory? (Third Eye or Pineal Gland?) This internal hologram  phenomenon also explains how our brains can store so much information in so little space, and why the rats could still run the maze. After all, patients after brain surgery never suffer loss of specific memories. Similarly, individuals who receive head injuries never forget half of their families or half of a book they just read. Ever heard anybody say I only have half a memory?

If you place an image or multiple images on holographic film, you can cut the film into smaller and smaller pieces and still retrieve the full image or images. Every piece of holographic film contains all of the information of the whole. Each piece can still be used to reconstruct the entire image. Pieces of holographic film containing multiple images, might just explain our ability to recall and forget. When pieces of the film are held up in a laser bean and tilted back and forth various images recorded on the film appear and disappear. It’s been suggested that our ability to remember and forget may function the same way! It’s all in the right angle to recall the image or memory. People with better memories or even photographic memories might have access to very large regions of holographic construct.

It’s obvious that our feelings of love, hate, hunger, anger, happiness, and so on, are internal realities. It’s not so clear how our brains enable us to distinguish between them. If we look at a person, the image is really on the surface of our retinas. Yet, we do not perceive the persons image as being on our retinas we see them as being out there in the world, if we stub our toe we feel the pain in our toe, but the pain is really a neurophysiological process in our brain, that manifests as a sore toe. All are internal processes taking place in our brain and fooling us in to thinking that some are internal and some are beyond the confines of our gray matter. Creating the illusion that things are located where they are not is the quintessential feature of a hologram.

When you look at a hologram it seems to take up an extension of space yet, pass your hand through it and you will realize there is nothing there. Despite what your senses tell you! The hologram is a virtual image just like looking in a mirror. The actual location of the image in the mirror is on the silver backing of the mirror, the image of a hologram is on the film. The Giant hologram film called the universe. Create your image!

Holographic Universe and the Electron

If you need more proof check out the electron, although an electron can sometimes behave as if it were a particle, physicists have found that it possesses no dimension, just try measuring the width of an electron you will discover that it’s an impossible task. Plus, it can also behave as a wave form, and can be in two places at once. Light, gamma rays, radio waves, and X-rays can all shape-shift, they can manifest as either a wave or a particle and back again. Physicists have found compelling evidence that the only time electrons manifests as particles is when they are looked at. How do they know?

There must be a deeper underlying order of existence, a vast and more primary level of reality that gives birth at all objects and appearances of our physical world in much the same way as that piece of holographic film gives birth to the holographic image in space. An interconnectedness where consciousness is a more subtle form of matter, and the basic for any relationship between the two lies not in our own level of reality, but deep within the implicate order, the fabric of the entire universe.

What is projecting the Holographic Universe?

The pillars of Creation in The Holographic Universe

Therefore, dividing the universe up into parts such as living and nonliving things is just human folly and becomes the illusion.

The power in Spirit.

Flying on the Wings of Consciousness with the Holographic Universe under my Wings

Knowledge is Power

Experience is Wisdom

Your Power is Yours

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Holographic Universe and our Brains can’t both be film