If we don’t, we are Fukushima-ed

Radiation in the Pacific Ocean

They call this under control?

How to Fix Fukushima. Just add the C after the U. And one gets the Idea. Yes, Fukushima is an Extinction Level Event. We can all focus on the past mistakes and lies that surround the event. Pointing fingers and blaming the authorities, but how does this help? We have a problem here. And in truth, it’s the whole worlds problem. Almost 25% of the entire world has been polluted by this event. And this figure is growing every day. With the possibility of 72% being effected. That’s the entire oceans that cover this planet. Probably more. As we are just talking water here. What about the atmosphere? The Troposphere and the effect on oxygen and the ozone layer. The Oxygen Level on this planet use to be 21% and as high as 35% at one time. But now it is down to around 18%, At 15% we become zombies and are brain-dead. This will continue to drop as the ozone layer becomes more depleted as the ultraviolet kills more plankton along with the radiation in the ocean waters. And the best we can do is point fingers! We need help! If you have an Idea, speak up or for forever hold your peace. RIP. How to Fix Fukushima.

It’s time we start offering suggestions on How to Fix Fukushima¬† the problem, instead of blame. This comes from Birthing a New Humanity. There are ways to fix this problem and stop the pollution. If we can all change our paradigm from blame to solving the problem. If we don’t we will be pointing our fingers right up to the extinction of this planet.

It's your fault. We know you were making nuclear bomb material in the underground base under Fukushima. The proof is in the Isotopes

It’s your fault. We know you were making nuclear bomb material in the underground base under Fukushima. The proof is in the Isotopes

Two and a half years has all ready passed and nothing has been done and no fix has been offered. 400 tons of contaminated water is being released into the ocean per day, maybe more. Even if we just use two years. That’s 292,000 tons of radioactive water. It’s about time we change this, wouldn’t you say? If not, shut the fuck up. We don’t need your blame. We need solutions. Otherwise we can all bend over a kiss our glowing butts goodbye.

Humanity has the resources and the knowledge to fix this problem. Fuck money! Oh, it’s going to cost this much to fix this problem. Well if we don’t, money ain’t going to matter. Oh that’s right it’s the weekend. Well let’s lock it up and go home. We will come back on Monday and do the same thing over again. This is insanity !

So what do we do?

How to Fix Fukushima

Stop adding all the water

Stop adding all the water. Quit crying about it and do something. Here’s an Idea.

First off, stop pouring all that fresh water on the problem. It’s only making it worse. Water and radiation don’t mix. Dilution is not the solution. The water exacerbates the problem creating more radioactive elements than what was originally here. Plus the water now becomes radioactive increasing the volume of radioactivity and allowing it to flow. We need less radioactivity not more. The problem lies with the control rods. Where are they? Locate them using ground penetrating radar. Using robots. Or Scalar Harmonics to locate the radioactive isotopes. Even Torsion Field imaging would work. Use satellites. Once we have these located we can start to work. If I need to go in and find them for you. I will. I am an old man and if my last act would be saving this planet. I would be honored.

But the truth is, you don’t need me to do that. We have the technology and the means to accomplish this without the loss of life. Decide or let die? The power is in our hands.


What me worry? I just want to be happy.

Anyway, now that we have located the control rods. We tunnel underneath them and create a chamber of dry¬†micro-crystalline Borium. It’s called a Corium catcher. Using depleted Uranium containers to protect the workers from Gama Rays. We create a crystalline Borium sarcophagus to contain the Corium cores until we develop the technology to shatter the radioactive isotopes like a pane of glass. Breaking those isotopes down. Tesla talked about this process and so did Madam Curie. So we know the technology is out there.

There are three one hundred ton Corium cores under the ground. Moving these would be insane. Where we going to move them to? Soon there’s going to be a fourth when reactor number four goes critical. And it will. These Corium cores are only going to go so deep into the earth. Than what happens is something like a lava lamp affect, they boil up and drop back down. This is where the Corium catcher comes in.

Corium Catcher

Instead of Concrete use Crystalline Borium

What most people don’t realize is that our science is hundreds of years ahead of what we see in the main stream. The question is, will our governments cut loose with this technology and save this planet? We all know they have a different agenda. And keeping this technology secret is a big part of that agenda, because if they cut loose with it. We the people will know about the Aliens they have worked with. Their secret space program, free energy and a number of other goodies they have kept secret. Why won’t they tell us about this stuff?

The Human reaction to life

The current Paradigm of Humanity

Well to be quite honest, They don’t want us monkeys to interfere with their survival. And getting rid of the useless eaters and numb nut humans is their way of insuring they survive. And who can blame them?

Alfred E. Newman

Self reflection. We picked a winner in 2008. At least that finger is good for something.

Ever take a close look at humanity? Of course not? Self reflection is a hard and painful process. To busy watching a game or ignoring the issues because one just wants to be happy. While your busy being happy. The planet we live on is dyeing and as long as you don’t see that. You can go on being happy. Go ahead and stick ones head in the sand. But first one might have to pull it out of their ass. What the hell do you care anyway?

How to Fix Fukushima

Cause and Effect. Without a cause there is no effect. Don’t worry be happy!

Oh, what the hell am I doing? Well numb nuts, I just offered a solution to an Extinction Level Event. I opened a Garden Supply in hopes that people would become more aware of what they eat. To help them selves, and help our Planet at the same time. I have research GMOs and offered the information. Blogged about different topics for self-help and self-awareness. What have you done lately? Saved your beer cans for recycling.

Yes I am angry and I am using some bad words. I am angry at the fact that humanity can be so self-absorbed in their own little world of self-indulgence that they can’t doing anything but point fingers at their fellow-man and look for blame. Instead of offering ways to alleviate the problems we all face. Shit, we can’t even come together in a simple thought process. No, we are expecting somebody else to take care of the problems for us. So we can go on being happy. Oh don’t kid yourself they are taking care of the problem. Is that problem you?

See this Fukushima Fu add C before the k- us-him-a, pretty well says it all, don’t you think?


Is there one with your name on it? Come to think of it. We paid for them!

Ah, Fuck it. I am tired of this bullshit. Trying to awake up this lethargic humanity. To inform them of what is happening around them. What the hell for? Let the dead bury their own dead. Fucking Zombies. No wonder they bought all those bullets. I am beginning to see the white light. Aim for the head. They don’t use it anyway. No brain, no pain.

Zombies in the Real World

Zombies rarely eat their own.

Oh good, the Amazing Race is on television, and after that is American Idol. And than Survivor. I wonder what Island they are on this time? Maybe I watch the Simpsons, or the Family Guy. I like cartoons. They make me happy. Hey honey, bring me a beer would you, Please? And make some Serializing GMO Popcorn. I am feeling frisky. Let’s make another baby and mouth to feed. After all, god said, “Be Fruitful and Multiply.”

Me is just We upside down. Thank you Dr. Bill Deagel for this brilliant Idea of the Corium Catcher

Spirit and Playing with Reality

Flying on the Wings of Consciousness. With Creation under our Wings. NOW, that’s Freedom!

Knowledge is Power

Experience is Wisdom

Take your Power Back

Or just kiss your butt Goodbye.


How to Fix Fuck-us-hima

He’s as mad as hell. And he said some nasty words. Oh NO Mr Bill he added the C

Bend over kiss Your Ass Good Bye.

It was good while it lasted.

It was good while it lasted.

How to Fix Fukushima, Fuck-us-hi-ma, or die trying!