The Great Deception?

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Growing Up in, The Great Deception. The Great Deception Before we even go into The Great Deception. I wish to make this crystal clear that this is my questioning. This is my introspection. If this helps one to relate to their own introspection reflection that's fine. I Am writing it down so that it becomes crystal clear to myself. I have implied [...]

All That Is

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All That is All that is! All That Is With all that Exists. Is that all that is? All the beliefs ... I've Manifested All the LOVE ... I've Shared All the Blessings ... I've Experience All the hate ... I've Expressed Is that all that is? All the I AM ... I could Expand upon All the compassion ... I could [...]

The Language of the Source of Creation

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The Language of the Source of Creation Creation using the Language of the Source of Creation to Create. What to learn a new language? Yes/No/Maybe The language of the source of creation can be taught to anyone that's willing to learn. If the reader wishes to create and manifest anything in their life, they must learn the language of the source [...]


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Take GMOZ add that to our RNA , our RNA effects, equals our DNA. Hence, the formula, GMOZ + RNA = DNA They presume they own us. Set them Straight It’s no secret that having lunch messes with our biochemistry. GMOZ + RNA = DNA. Once that sandwich hits our stomach, genes related to digestion have been activated and are causing the [...]

In Discussing Love

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O’-Si-Yo! It appears you are Not a Doowan. You must be a Doowan and logged in to access the rest of this Consciousness.Become a Doowan, the offer is free!If you already have an account log in below to gain access.If you are still seeing this message once logged in, then you are trying to access a Consciousness outside of your current account level. If you [...]

Is “Love” the Language of the Heart?

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Is "Love" the Language of the Heart? Feeling Love, Watch out there's a Woody around  Are you looking for Love in a Relationship? What is Love Anyway? Love and the Self are one. The discovery of either is the realization of both. Is "Love" the Language of the Heart? We are all functioning at a very small fraction of our capacity [...]