Is “Love” the Language of the Heart?

What Language shares love

Feeling Love, Watch out there’s a Woody around

 Are you looking for Love in a Relationship?

What is Love Anyway?

Love and the Self are one. The discovery of either is the realization of both.

Is “Love” the Language of the Heart? We are all functioning at a very small fraction of our capacity to live fully in the meaning of love. Since meaning implies mind, How does one feel with their mind? Picture this… This feeling we feel has no word to define it. Now what is it? WE may need to learn a new language, not one for the mind. The one written in our hearts from birth. See Quantum Language for an introduction to the Language of the Heart.

Consequently, the actualizing of our potential to love can become the most exciting adventure of our lifetime. For the longest time, I always felt that I knew all I needed to know about this subject. That it was internal knowledge complete in it’s teachings, it comes natural to humans. It is something we were born with. I was wrong. Most of us are convinced that it’s a god given emotion, a feeling we get inside, thus we think we know what it is. This is interesting to me as I never consider a feeling to be something learned, until I read this.

As soon as this Relationship does not lead me to me, and as soon as I in this Relationship does not lead the other to them self. This feeling even if it seems to be the most secure and ecstatic attachment I have ever experienced is not true Love.

Learning Love

Love is a learned phenomenon. What concerns me is that many of us are unhappy in the knowledge we have learned, or the way we receive this knowledge from others. So if you are unhappy in the terms of love, change them, learn more about it, what it truly is. You can only share what you know. In sharing you won’t lose the knowledge you have, you will still have it to share, this is the miracle!

When I teach all the knowledge I have about this subject, I still have that knowledge. When I learn to feel for everyone with equal intensity, I will still have all the love energy I have ever had. There is no greater challenge in life than to learn about feeling Love. This proves to me that this feeling is a learned response. True there is a feeling one gets. What that feeling is, and how we Equate to this word is a learned response. Humanity may have to redefine this word, or learn more about this feeling we have, before Humanity can actualize their innerstanding of this Universal Vibration.

Free Energy Vibrate its feeling

Could be as simple as sing a song

What is Love Anyway?

There are a lot of miracles to being a human being, however this is one of the greatest miracles. Well for starters, it’s is an energy. Possibly, the purest energy in the universe. This energy vibrates, causing other things in close proximity to vibrate. As more and more things vibrate with this energy they become one energy field vibrating the same frequency. Can you in vision one being vibrating in this frequency. How about two or three, a community, a city, a country, a planet. Yep, that’s want I AM talking about. Since like forces attract each other, one must become the force to attract love.

What does I love you really mean? First, a loving individual has to care about themselves, not in the ego sense of the word, from the energy vibration of the feeling. Since the human aura has seven chakras, or so we been taught. I truly sense Thirteen Chakras in my connection to the Totality of the All of Creation. (More on this later) Our center Chakra also called the Heart, (Chakra), center is were we connect with this energy. Could it be, that our heart vibrates the pulse of this energy? It feels like it comes from the heart, that could be just a matter of anatomy, or it could be, a matter of energetic conditioning where the heart organ is the instrument of this energy, you decide. The sooner we learn to play this instrument the sweeter the music.

Give it a try. Attempt to feel this Universal vibrating energy vibrating within you at this moment. Can you feel it? Does it come from the mind or heart? This feeling only has meaning as it is Experienced in the NOW!

Kundalini the Energy we feel

The power that lives in us all.

For me, everything I feel is filtered through self, so the greater I am, the more I have to give. The greater the knowledge of love I have, the more I have to share. The greater the innerstanding I have, the greater is my ability to love others, to make myself the most fantastic, the most beautiful, the most wondrous, the most tender loving human being I can be. After all you can’t drink from a dry well. Drop your understanding of the word. Discover the meaning of the feeling.

When what we think is less than what we know, and what we know is less than what we love. Than, what we love is less then what there is. To this precise extent, we are much less then what we are.

Be all that you can be. If all of our life, (in our cognizant system), is directed towards this process of becoming, there won’t be a boring second. The Truth is, it’s not what we were, nor what we are, it’s what we become that adds meaning to life.

Don’t miss understand me!!!! It’s good that you are different. Show me your differences so that, I may learn from them. There is something within the uniqueness of you that will determine how you will project this energy in the world, and how you feel this world in love. This uniqueness will guide you in becoming the loving human being you wish to be. You are the filter of this love energy. Don’t try to be like everybody else, just be yourself.

Use this energy to become the unique you, the true you, the only you. There will never ever be in all of  Creation another you. This is the celebration of life. There is only this moment. The NOW, what you are experiencing at this second is real. This doesn’t mean one lives for the moment. It means one lives the moment. A very different thing.

Swans showing the sign of love

In the Reflection of Self We See The spirit of Love

I Love YOU, So, it all starts with these words. You can only share what you have to share. Hold on to your love, you are the only magical combination of forces that is, and has ever been created. You are the best you. You can only be the second best somebody else.

We need not be afraid to Touch, to See, to Feel, to Show. The easiest thing in the world to be is what we are, what you feel. The hardest thing to be is what others what you to be, that’s the scene we are living in. Let’s change that. The loving person has no need to be perfect, only human. Let me leave you with this lesson in love that has touch my heart. Now let it touch yours! Can you feel it?

Love is like a mirror. When you love another you become their mirror and they become yours… And reflecting that love you will see infinity.

Open up a discussion with friends and family about these lessons shared in love. Have you noticed, very few conversation are about the expression of love. Talking about love starts the vibration of love in the individuals having the conversation. The time to start is NOW! Please, teach me. Leave a comment so that I may learn.

This energy we all feel

One of my Dear friends coming to say… I love You! Oooh, what a feeling!

When man has love, he will no longer be at mercy of forces greater than himself. For he himself will become that power force.

One man at a time, I guess.

If One shall Awaken.

The power in Spirit.

Flying on the Wings of Consciousness with Creation under my Wings vibrating

Knowledge is Power

Experience is Wisdom

Become the Power, vibrate with the Energy


Winky, My alter Ego

Hey, look a me! A whole note in the Language of the Heart.

The Language of the Heart comes from inside as we vibrate with Universal Energy