Just having Fun, and Talking about I LOVE You!

Hey, What does it mean when someone says, “I love you !“? What is love anyway? A feeling,  an emotion, are feelings and emotions the same thing, Stereotypically speaking? How about a thought, as I was thinking, a skin rash, a zit on the end of your nose, I bet you just love that now don’t Ya, or an STD? Yea, nothing says love and fun like the drip, drip, drip, of gonorrhea, Sorry!
And where does love come from, your brain, your spleen, your liver, a kidney?  I know, you are going to say your heart, right?


We can all live together in LOVE

Of course that’s the stereotypical response to that question. But you are wrong, big time. What if told that it really comes from your little toe, You would probably say something stereotypical like “I love you, but you’re wrong”.  Well,  go grab something to drink, sit back and let me prove my point… Are you Back? Hopefully on your way to get something to drink an event didn’t happen to you that would prove my point right off the bat. To coin a stereotypical phase, Hummm, I might have to write about that later. Anyway, were was I?
If you had stubbed your little toe on the corner while you were walking to get something to drink. Like I told you. You’ll know were I’m coming from. You can stop reading. For those that didn’t, let me continue. I know everyone of us has stubbed our little toe on something at some time, and all though at the time it doesn’t seem like love, it is in a big, big way. Believe me, I know because, I really really really love the fact it finally stopped hurting. See, I’m right! Love does come from your little toe and I bet you thought, I should step away from the bong. Well I don’t own a bong stereotypical speaking.

So there, now that we all know were love comes from. What the hell is it, I mean what the heck, is it? Forgive me.
We have ruled out STDs because we all hate those don’t we? I personally can’t confirm nor deny the fact that I know anything about STDS, nor can I speak out about them with unclassified Non stereotypical people. I had to sign a non disclosure statement to keep those facts Top Secret. I will leave that up to your discovery and the exploration into LOVE.

How about that zit or pimple on the end of your nose, is that love? Well, it might be if you love chocolate, Plus, if it’s Halloween and you want to be the wicked witch from the Wizard of GMOZ. It’s perfect. The people at the party will think your makeup job is amazing and will just love it. So, I guess Non stereotypically a zit or pimple could be LOVE.


You Look Amazing, Who did you Make Up?

How about a skin rash is that love? Well, you can get a skin rash from loving in all the wrong places, but we won’t go or do that there ever again. No way LOVE doesn’t hurt like that. I especially don’t want any comments from that Broke Back Mountain Dude that commented on my other blog. Just call Me Big Boy! My stereotypical phone number is area code (555)-555-5555 ask for Stuart.


Good thing it’s just an Allergic Reaction

Is thinking, I love you, LOVE ? Well, it could be and probably is, if someone has just said to you “I think I love You”. Maybe, this is why the Partridge Family was such a big hit! Or was that Olivia Newton John? That sang that song? Nope, I think it was the Partridge Family. Really don’t comment and tell me please, I really don’t care and I will be laughing so hard that somebody actually remembers it,  and they want to leave a comment to show me how smart they are. I couldn’t possibly comment back. Nor can I confirm or deny the fact that I watched the Partridge Family ever.


I love keyboards and the players

So did we find out what love Is? Nope! Stereotypically speaking. We did find out what it’s not. Sometimes what it could be under undisclosed circumstance. So let me ask you this ladies? If George W. Bush said he loved you, while he’s standing right in front of you. All puckered up waiting for a big wet kiss.  Would you know then what Love was ?  No way, you would be looking for the quickest exit.


Your LOVER Is on the Right

Ok, for the guy’s how about if it was Pamela Anderson? Would you know what love is? No, not where you feel your love rising to the occasion. Dumb Ass. What is Love? I didn’t think so, and they say two heads are better than one. OMG, another stereotypical phase that needs my investigation.


Man those are fake? I bet she swims well. She looks tired, I Love You

Let me if I may, leave you with these thoughts about love maybe they might help us:

Love and the Self are one. The discovery of either is the realization of both.
I didn’t say Love of the self you techno nerds. Look up the difference between “and” in binary and “of” and don’t use any ascii characters either. That should clear things up. You know garbage in garbage out. If you divide Love by E=Mc squared use the exponent of M flip the variable and then flop the variable to the other side of the equation and you get WE=c 2. If you just flop it to the other side it’s just ME=c 2. Yes, you can flop then flip but that’s harder, once you flop down it’s harder to flip up. Unless you flop up and then flip down. Actually it work both ways! Are you with Me or We.

Each person lives love in their limited fashion and does not seem to relate their resultant confusion and their loneliness to their lack of knowledge about love.
Hope this ones not to deep. If it is, or I offended you, Sorry! Just move on.
One does not fall “in our out” of love. One grows in LOVE.
You See loves a Gmo corn growing on our little toe that grows and grows. Have I made my point yet?

And at last my favorite and the one we have all been waiting for.

Love is like a mirror. When you love another, you become their mirror and they become yours, when you stand facing each other, reflecting that love. You will see infinity…

Ever hold two mirrors up to each other and see what happens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now that’s LOVE. Of course you have to be standing in the middle of them. If nothing happened turn the mirrors around you know shiny sides facing each other. Figure it out. Do I have to explain everything?

Stereotypical Disclaimer: I made this whole thing up. I don’t know a damn thing about  LOVE and I should have never written about LOVE. Now you are really confused, you thought LOVE came from the heart. Your right, I’m wrong, until you stub your toe that is. Then you’ll know I’m telling the truth for sure. If I made you angry or offended you , Get a Stereotypical life. I hope you enjoyed and had a few laughs. That’s what this was all about anyway. This blog sites not known for it’s deep and intellectual Knowledge. And my name is not Stereotypically Stuart. Nor can I either confirm or deny anything. It’s just easier to confirm and deny everything, so that’s what I am doing.  I learned that little trick from our governments. The names in this blog have been changed to protect the guilty, because their bad, bad people and they don’t want you to know.

A Non Stereotypically “I LOVE YOU”

Knowledge is Power,

Take your Power Back


P.S. If you what me to write about more Stereotypical phrases, then leave a nice comment because my feelings get hurt real easily, and if they do. I’m just going take my balls and go home, and never play with you guys again. So be nice, and we can all have a little fun. After all I’m doing this for free.