It’s not looking good sorry to say! Damn, is this the reality we want?

Highlights from Todays Headlines

From the The Street It’s not looking good sorry to say!

It’s not looking good sorry to say! NEW YORK (MainStreet) — If you thought the extreme heat was hitting you where it hurts most by raising your summer AC bill, your personal financial pain is only beginning. Just wait for the run up that is coming in food prices. The expected food price hike is one of two key pieces of economic data tied to consumer spending power that are headed in the wrong direction. The other is the savings rate.

Notice,  How they changed the topic?

Consumers can expect to see higher prices for basic foodstuffs like eggs and milk, beef, corn, butter, cheese, ice cream, cereal and bakery products, and fruits and vegetables, the USDA reports, all related directly or indirectly to drought conditions.

Because, they feed the stock with corn. There won’t be much of a harvest this year!

Higher food prices are another tough break for consumers, who have no choice but to dig deeper and pay up for their favorite ice cream, or for that cheeseburger down at the local lunch diner.

Yea, Right that’s what I am concerned with my favorite ice cream!

I could put more headlines here but would it really make a difference?

I don’t know if I can say this loud enough…

Start Composting. Start growing a garden. Start saving Rain Water. Start assuming responsibility for yourself, make every act count. Come on folks this is what is happening, unless you have the money to go to the store and buy the high priced processed food products using high priced fuel, you maybe going hungry! If you don’t who will?

It's not looking good sorry to say!

These are going to cost YOU more. It’s not looking good sorry to say!

Get Composters, Rain Barrels, Greenhouses, and more. Our vision is that everyone will tend their own garden and enjoy the bounty of life. Eat hardy my friends.