This Letter comes from the Little Green Man

The little green man has a new ride

I just got this New Model Craft Come for a ride with The Little Green Man

Dear Humanity,

The Injustice done to the Red Man and the Destruction done to the Yellow Man along with the Evil done to the Black Man and the en-slavery being done to the Brown Man by the White Man. Will not be undone by the Little Green Man. Only with all races coming together and the color of all skin becoming Grey will Racism be done away with. Become one Peoples.

Humankind has forgotten, It’s been said, never judge a book by its cover. Yet the history of your world has shown that’s exactly what happens. It appears the color of the cover, of the book of humanity creates discord. When humanity can read pass the cover and explore the knowledge contained in each book will humanity discover its rightful place in this universe.


Come outside a join the Family


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