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The Energy Body

Everything is Energy. Drop the meat stick and become what you truly are. the Emerald Tablets can help

The Shift of the Assemblage Point is a displacement that happens on our Energy Cocoon or Energy Body really they are both the same.  Note: The assemblage point has nothing physical to do with our physical bodies only the energy body. As mention in the previous post. The incandescent threads or luminous filaments that make up the realms of this universe. Run though our energy body and were the assemblage point is positioned these filaments are lite up with the glow of our awareness, creating the world we perceive at this moment. When we fall asleep the Assemblage Point, displaces or shifts to light up new filaments that create the real worlds of our dreams. Yes, they are real for reasons stated in the other posts. This shift is random most of the time. Meaning we are along for the ride, or perception.

We are so much more.

We are so much more.

There is away to setup the shift of the Assemblage Point to go where we want to go in our dreams. I know this sounds strange, but it’s true. Remember, we or not dealing with our narrow first Attention as we are right now reading this and perceiving this world. We are dreaming and dealing within the eminence second Attention. It’s a whole different ball game. One we are learning the rules to! We can setup dreaming and be aware and most importantly in control in our dreams. There is more to us then we know but we are becoming aware of this right now as well.

This world is changing , everything is lining up and cycling back to the Totality of us. Some call it the awakening. I call it returning to dream-time some will make it some won’t. It’s not my call it’s the shift of the Assemblage Point .

Did you know that if we don’t dream we will die? This is a fact. We have two types of sleep and as a matter fact we go through five stages of sleep physically in those two types. But if we don’t go into REM sleep, which is one type, we will perish. Just some freak of nature that we must dream. Even animals dream. Why?

Yep! Even me. I dream of green pastures

Yep! Even me. I dream of greener pastures

We are our eminence second attention as well as our first. Interesting is that we spend one third of our life asleep! One third ring a bell? Three Attentions. Anyway, getting back to dreaming and the second attention, we can use this time and experience, life as we call it. This time is not just for resting and restoring the body. It’s the discovery of what we are. Use this time to it’s full advantage.

It’s not easy for most folks, first they were never aware they could do this, and second, they were never aware they had and energy body. They don’t teach this school, they should. So, has this by chance ever happen to you while in your dreams you could go and do whatever you wanted? You weren’t a bystander just watching you in your dream,you were a active participant controlling your dream. This dream was so strange and real that you woke up all excited and full of energy! That’s what I am talking about. This is possible every night. How sweet would that be and just imagine the places, the things you could see, and knowledge you would gain. Feel more rested and restored the next day. The whole universe would be available and when you learn how do do this. New Worlds to explore. Really it’s not that hard you just have to know this is possible and that there is more to us then we know.

Question? Do you think I would go to all this time a trouble writing to try and explain something that’s not possible, or make believe? If so, quit reading this you are wasting your time and mine. Check out these Christmas Gift Ideas. For those with some imagination let’s continue. I well share a technique that you can have fun trying. It does take practice and it’s not as easy as it sounds but those of you that have enough personal power or energy will find this fascinating. Those that can’t do it right away don’t give up it’s not a matter of thinking, it’s a matter of Intent. Remember we are dealing with our second attention. Before you read this blog we weren’t even aware we even had a second Attention.  Intent let’s add that to our Totality as well. Wow, we are just getting a bigger and bigger Totality by the day/blog. Chances are you would discover this at your death but then it would be to late. Let’s start now:

Before you go to bed Intend yourself to see your hands while you dream.  Take a good look at them now and remember them, just so you can be sure their your hands and not somebody else wanting some other kind of attention. LOL  As you start falling off to sleep just about the time your mind gets real heavy, your thoughts turn off and you can’t open your eyes. Look or actually see your hands. You can actually use anything, guys might want to use their peckers, but your hands are just as good. If you see your hands that’s great you are now in the second Attention.  Now look up and the first thing that comes into your Attention and see it. Go slow at first, as this first object that you see, when you looked up, starts to fade look back at your hands again until they become clear. Then go back to the same object as before until you can hold this gaze.  Once you can maintain your gaze without it fading move on to the next object in your dream and the next until you have the whole picture. Sounds easy doesn’t? What we are doing is developing and connecting with our energy bodies in our second Attention. Once you are able to maintain your gaze try walking in your dreams with full awareness of what you are doing and where you are going. Just remember small steps at first, this is a new world and things can get out of hands, so to speak in a hurry. Flying comes later. The danger is that you may not want to come back to this one, or your dreams become like regular dreams with no control. It’s pretty amazing! But with practice it’s just as safe as being in the first attention and just as dangerous. That’s why in my blog on our four natural enemies fear is the first. Let me know in the comments anything you find, or any questions you may have. Or you can just believe I made this whole thing up and stay in your first Attention. I truly didn’t make this up, try it you’ll know I’m telling the truth. That is if your not to frighten to discover yourself.

Fear is our biggest enemy but the only one we have.

Fear is our first natural enemy and not the only one we have.

It’s really not important to me whether you try this or not. I am discovering my Totality. I just wish to share this information, it’s time we all learn about our Totality. Believe it or not, we still aren’t done, but there is no sense in going any further talking about the Three Attentions if we can’t experience the first two and know this is true information. You decide whether we move on or not. Your comments will tell. I have other things I can share. It’s all a matter of energy!

Spirit and Playing with Reality

Flying on the Wings of Consciousness. With Creation under our Wings. NOW, that’s Freedom!

Knowledge is Power

Experience is Wisdom

Take your Power Back



We'll be back

We’ll be back I Am the Assemblage Point, See,,, I am Pointing

If you would like to read more about the Totality of Ourselves. Leave a comment on your progress on any of the Three Attentions of Human Kind posts, shift your Assemblage Point.

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