Morning Quickie, Have you had yours?

Breakfast that is….the most importent meal of the day. Your Morning Quickie could be the most fun you have all day. Much better than a bowl of sterilizing Corn Flakes.

Morning Quickie

With this coffee I ain’t feeling it. I need my Morning Quickie

I know we have heard it time and time again, but how many of us manage to find the time for our Morning Quickie? And if we do, is it the ideal meal with which to start our day?

If your answer is no and no, we know this is a big NO NO. And many of the fast go to options leave us flat and listless.

I do the smoothie thing pretty consistently, but with winter upon us I am craving something warm and a bit more substantial. But I also need my Morning Quickie to satisfy me and be nutrient dense, so I won’t be dense throughout the day.

I wanted to come up with something I could prepare and have virtually at the ready, so I could forego much of the foreplay each  morning. And I am pleased with the resultant bliss and satisfaction of my Morning Quickie.

Quinoa & Raisins with Golden Milk your Morning Quickie

I grabbed my rice cooker some quinoa and raisins. Okay decent start right?

No rice cooker? No problem, can be done on the stove top.

Rinsed 1 cup of quinoa and left it to drain

Boiled 2 cups water in my tea kettle

Moring Quickie tea pot

May not be quick but is boils

 While water heated I threw 1 cup raisins into rice cooker  (did not turn on….yet)

Added hot water over raisins in rice cooker  (want those babies to plump up!)

Now here is where I prepare to get golden

I take 1/8 cup each of turmeric and ginger  ( a few dashes of cinnamon is heavenly)

1/2 cup water

Make a paste with water, turmeric & ginger over medium heat in small sauce pan

Cook and stir for 8 minutes-remove from heat

The paste you made is to create Golden Milk  (full of fabulous flavor and nutrients)

Morning Quickie in milk

Turmeric Golden Milk

Store the paste in a glass jar in the fridge, this will last for 2 weeks and can bump up smoothies, sauces, soups, any number of meals

Now to mind your P’s and Q’s  (plump raisins and quinoa)

Add quinoa to the raisins and water already in rice cooker  (NOW turn it on)

The quinoa will take 15-20 minutes

Just before quinoa is done I warm up some of my homemade coconut milk ( I use a small pan as I’ve heard microwaving coconut milk destroys nutrients) and I add about a teaspoon of the golden paste as well as a bit of molasses. This in my bowl along with a serving of quinoa and raisins makes for a great Morning Quickie to start your day!

1 cup dry quinoa makes about 4 cups cooked and will keep 4-5 days so you are set for the better part of your work week mornings!

All I do on following mornings is warm up my coconut milk, add molasses, some of the paste and some of the quinoa to warm up a bit, put in a bowl and you are “Golden”.

To change it up you can toss in nuts and seeds, or mix with yogurt. You’ve got a good solid base to start the day off right!

I use coconut milk in lots of recipes because the benefits are so tremendous. My source for all things coconut after much research is Tropical Traditions  They are a stellar company with a great reputation. I purchase their organic flaked coconut to make my coconut milk. It comes to less than $1 a quart and that includes shipping!

If you are a first time buyer with this company and use the link provided above you will receive the free book “Virgin Coconut OIL” full of info, recipes and benefits, As we share. I may receive a coupon.

Benefits of Quinoa

Benefits of Raisins

Benefits of Molasses

Benefits of Ginger

Benefits of Turmeric

For herbs, spices, super foods and powders, I love Natural Foods great source of organic herbs, teas, and super-foods. Improve  your day with a Morning Quickie !

Shared by KLG  ( Keep Learning Gems )