In one of our Doowans News & Events earlier post we mentioned to you about the National Drought conditions and how it might worsen.

We were hoping we were wrong. We weren’t. This article reads like a National Disaster in the making. We even went as far as to offer Rain Barrels at our cost.  Folks this is going to it worse before it gets better and our offer still stands. We might be needing these Rain Barrels for drinking water before this is over. Nothing wrong with Drinking Free Rain Water when the taps run dry. Well it’s up to you.  Even if they get rain now it’s still going effect the nations food supply this summer. So be prepared for higher food costs, higher fuel prices and your water bill going through the roof. Better start now becoming a little more self Sustainable before it’s to late. But again that’s your choice. We are just offering to help! Well you can read the article below. We need a national rain dance maybe that might help. Dancing is better than sitting and watching it all go to hell.

Not looking good say to say!

National drought status as of November 27, 2012. Dark orange and red shaded locations are experiencing the worst drought conditions.

Overall, there is no good news to report in this week’s update of the U.S. Drought Monitor. Conditions worsened in each category nationally over the previous week.

Moderate and severe drought coverage increased the most by 2.6 percent and 3.7 percent, respectively.

Note: There are five categories on the U.S. Drought Monitor in worsening intensity that range from abnormally dry to moderate, severe, extreme and exceptional drought status.

(MORE: Drought affecting Christmas tree prices?) OMG, they are worried about Christmas tree prices. I got a Idea let’s do away with killing trees to put in our living rooms and let them do what they do best make oxygen for us to breath.

Below are some of the states that have seen the most significant changes since last week.

Significant Changes by State

Oklahoma: Extreme drought conditions (second worst category) increased from 72 percent to 91 percent since last week. This returns the amount of the state in extreme drought to near the levels we saw this past September. According to the drought report, winter wheat and pastures stood at 44 and 80 percent poor to very poor, respectively.

(MAPS: Weekly rainfall | Monthly rainfall)

Minnesota: Since last week, severe drought coverage has increased a whopping 40.3 percent. Drought conditions rated severe or worse now stands at 83.4 percent, which is the most widespread that Minnesota has seen since the drought began earlier this year.

North Carolina, South Carolina: Conditions continue to worsen in the Carolinas. Moderate drought expanded in North Carolina from 14.7 percent last week to 50.6 percent this week. South Carolina saw moderate drought expand from 49.4 percent to 76.1 percent this week. Severe drought in South Carolina jumped up from 6.7 percent last week to 16.4 percent this week. All of this being said, the latest drought monitor update does not include the possible benefits from some rainfall that fell earlier this week.

Texas: Moderate and severe drought conditions increased near 5 percent in each category since last week. The drought report listed that the winter wheat crop was rated 40 percent poor to very poor. Pastures have deteriorated from 43 percent poor to very poor in late October to 53 percent as of November 25.

Georgia: Moderate and severe drought coverage both increased more than 10 percent this week. Extreme drought nudged up a little more than 2 percent.

A few of the other states that have seen notable increases in at least one category of drought coverage since last week include: Virginia, Wisconsin and South Dakota.

Here’s a map to the worse National Drought to ever strike the U.S.A. in 1934.

Worst Drought Ever recorded in U.S.A.

Not a hole lot of difference between the two maps. We might want to start taking this National Drought  a little more seriously. We know of out of sight out of mind. We also know that being out of mind doesn’t change the facts. Summer is coming and we all know we are going to need some water. Save as much rain water as you can we are going to need it.

No joke!

Are National Drought may turn out to look more like this.

Let’s hope not

Knowledge is Power

Take your Power Back!


Good Luck!

Our National Drought Worsens to a National Disaster