Nibiru, Truth or Dare, Do you want to play a game?


Nibiru Truth or Dare

Is the Existence of Nibiru, Truth or Dare we believe it’s not real? Nibiru has been called by many names, Planet X, Wormwood, the Destroyer, are just a few. Whether or not it exist is the one of the biggest controversy we are faced with today.

Let’s just say that Nibiru doesn’t exist. Than why are the governments of this world preparing for some disaster that doesn’t exist with underground bases, ghost cities, seed vaults, coffins and Fema Camps, buying up all the ammunition for target practice.

China's Ghost Cities

China’s Ghost Cities, If only the US government had this much insight for it’s citizens.


Fema Coffins

The U.S. preparation for something big.


Seed Vault

Why build this Seed Vault so far away from Civilization? Nibiru, Truth or Dare?

If one is waiting for their governments to tell them the truth. The fact remains, the U.S. government won’t even allow the labeling of GMO foods. Why would they tell you something of this nature.


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