Oh No, Another New Comet is headed our way.

Comet Lovejoy

Oh No, Another New Comet. Holy Shit.

With the old name of Lovejoy this new Comet should be here around the same time as Comet Ison. Oh No Another New Comet. What’s up with that? Is somebody trying to tell us something? Maybe we should stop and listen. Somebody is throwing rocks at us, or is it dirty snowballs. Snowball fight ! In Coming !

Something is going on out there in space. And it looks like we’re the target. Recently the earth has experience more Comets in the last five years than I can remember in my life time. And I am an old man. Something is up and it’s not just Comets and Planets in the night skies.

Hard hat sales are on the rise. Do you have yours yet! You might need one if this keeps up. With all the Comets coming by its no wonder they have started using the old names over again. But Lovejoy, this name sounds wonderful. It’s got Love and Joy in it. But come on this is getting serious. How much longer can we keep dodging these things?

There is the theory that these aren’t Comets at all. But large ships coming in. All we need is some Kool-aid to get on board.  What’s strange is that this new Comet Lovejoy appears to be following the same path as Comet Ison. What are the odds of that?

Comet Lovejoy Oh No, Anothe New Comet

To many Comets and not enough Time.

Oh No, Another New Comet


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