One plus One equals One, or is it Two?

Two Spirits become as one

One plus One equals One

M plus E equals ME. Flip the equation and ME becomes WE

One plus One equals One. It’s been said, One can not solve the problems of this world, with the same thinking that created the problems. Change your mind, to change your reality.

I woke up this with this simple truth running through my Dreamtime Spirit.

One plus One equals One. All our lives we have been taught that One plus One equals Two. Could it be, this is how we have all been divided? Creating the duality, Separated from ourselves. Dividing us into two halves. Some spending a life time in search of their soul mate. When in spirit, we are our soul=mate. We are all male and female physically or in the literal. Polarity. However in my spirit walk, I have found that the spirit is female & male, as is “creation” which is another word I use for GOD.

GOD to me now represents Gold, Oil, Diamonds. It’s printed on the dollar. In GOD We Trust. Giving a new reflection of the GOD we serve. Since when did creation need the help of man?

Don't sweat the small stuff

The Divine order of the Universe



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