One Size Fits All, if we were all one size

One Size fits All seal of approval

One Size fits All gets my seal of approval

The term “one size fits all” has been used as a common, cliché phrase for over 5 decades. It’s time has come and gone. The One Size fits All concept has been given to us by Corporate America. To make it easy for them to manufacture one product that works for everyone. Does the One Size fits all really fit everyone? No way. Each and every one of us has different needs and different taste. It appears that they want to fit us into a mold of their making to have everyone be the same. Humans come in all sizes, shapes, and configurations.

One Size fits All pants

Just bought these One Size fits All pants

We have a One Size fits All approach to medicine, clothing, diapers, banking, education, even the senate as a one size fits all proposal in the senate bill 612.  To cram everyone in a One Size fits all mold is just ludicrous.

One Size doesn't fit All

Does one Size fit All?

The One size fits all just doesn’t work. Let’s take gardening for an example. Not everyone loves to garden. One Size fits All  garden doesn’t work for every gardener. Some gardeners can manage a large garden and some just want a small garden to grow what they connect with. Some use raised beds and some plant in the ground. Mother Nature offers us choices and we choose what works best for our needs. It’s the one freedom we still have that we all can take advantage of.

One Sizes fits all Choices

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Doowans not your One Size fits all Garden Supply

We Doowans understand that the One Size fits All approach to gardening doesn’t work for everyone. Truth is we honor that freedom of choice. However, we can all do a little something to make a difference for ourselves and the community in which we live.  Whether it’s growing Herbs for cooking or a full-fledged garden plot of Non Gmo vegetables, to planting fruit trees. Doing something is better than nothing. Even if one wants nothing to do with growing anything. One can still be involved in the process of changing this planet for the better.

Composting for example is very easy and takes very little time. Even if one doesn’t garden they know someone who does and making garden soil for the garden is always welcome. Gardens know that everything begins and ends with the soil. So having great garden soil is always needed , and much appreciated. One could compost their kitchen scraps with an inexpensive worm farm and trade the fresh compost soil for organic garden grown vegetables.

One Size fits All Store

I wonder if they have my Size?

Biochar is a miracle ingredient that is just coming into to its own, as the secret is out.  Gardeners that know this secret are looking for sources of this miracle to add to their garden soil. Making Biochar is actually very easy with a backyard debris burner. So even if gardening isn’t your cup of tea. Making fire, and creating Biochar just might be.

Collecting rain in rain barrels is something every household should do to save our fresh drinking water. Using the rain water that comes off our roof to water our outside plants. Just imagine if every household saved 50 gallons or more, of rain water that would other wise be lost. How much fresh water could be saved for human consumption.

Break out of the One Size fits All box

One Sizes fits All religion

Jack in the Box One Size fits All

The One Size fit All will never work unless we find what works for each one of us and offer something with the big picture in mind. We can all do a small part and contribute to the whole. Being of service to others, we are in essence serving ourselves, as we are all part of the source. Changing our life and this planet for the betterment of all humanity. All it takes is to break out of this One Size fits All box!

Spirit and Playing with Reality

Flying on the Wings of Consciousness. With Creation under our Wings. NOW, that’s Freedom!

Knowledge is Power

Experience is Wisdom

Take your Power Back

or be one size


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One Size Fits All, if we were all one size. But we’re Not.