Man was created. By Whom? Out of the Past, We came Walking

The creation of Man

By some White bearded Guy on a fluffy white Cloud. Oh really ! Out of the Past, We came Walking!

This is fact. Or should I say history? Out of the Past, We came Walking. His-story is what we have been taught. Because its common knowledge, does that make it truth? There are Truths, Half-Truths, and whole Truths?

Out of the Past, We came Walking.

What if humanity had a different past, different history, would that make Humanity less human? Out of the Past, We came Walking. Our history is far more mysterious than realized. What has been and is being discovered from archaeology is more interesting, when we open our eyes to see.

Man was created. But, by Whom?

The Great Human Puzzle

Human Being

The shape of things, FLIP, FLOP this shape into your puzzle.

We want to know our human history. We want to know who we are? What we are? Where we came from? Why we are here?


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