Sleep Anatomy and what happens when we Sleep?

Some People can just Sleep Any were. I bet his Anatomy is going to hurt when he wakes up

Some People can just Sleep Any were. I bet his Anatomy is going to hurt when he wakes up

I am a Polysonmographist and have Study Sleep Anatomy for about eights years. I was trained at the Stanford University School of Sleep Medicine and practiced this discipline under the Medical Direction of a Neurologist. We were looking at brain wave activity and patterns for Disease conditions while our patients slept. In truth these were the most interesting years in my twenty years of Medical Practice. Since the Doctor I worked with was a Neurologist our sleep lab which I was the Clinical Coordinator mostly saw Neurological Patients. Clinical Coordinator is just a fancy name for the lab is your responsibility buddy, so everything had better work or your fired.

Before I was trained in Sleep Medicine I was a practicing Respiratory Therapist with training in EEGs, EKGs Cardiac Stress Testing, Pulmonary Functions, Arterial Blood Gas Studies and Retrieval, Ventilator Support in Pediatrics and Neonatal and Adults. Plus standard floor care for Respiratory Conditions like Asthma, COPD, and TB. Along with anything else they could think of to make a buck. Plus, took call for the Emergency Room and Surgery.

Yep, pretty much a one man show. With all this training I loved working in small Hospitals in rural settings. So when there was a problem I was called. So as you can Imagine, I didn’t get much sleep. For some reason people in rural areas never go to the Hospital during the day. They always came in the middle of the night after my 10 hr shift.


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