Yin and Yang

So there was darkness before the light. Fascinating

Squash Blossom These are great in a salads. Of course if you don’t eat them, they become a squash.

This one happens to be a female flower.

Since the bee population is on the decline we have had to hand pollinate our Squash to get them to fruit. Interesting that they still taste the same after we help them do the nasty.

Almost looks like moon light

It’s the sun settingĀ  over Lake Shastina.

If you look real close you can see something in the water. Could be Nessie the Lock ness Monster!

I was just minding my own business when this happened

What more does life have to offer? Have a nice day!

Do you feel it?

Just kicking it in the backyard and enjoying the summer sunset after a long day at the Summer Eclipse Concert held in the park down the street. Isn’t life Grand?

Hello I remember you

You Know, they really don’t taste like Chicken. This is the first snake I have ever eaten of any type.

I would eat snake again. I find it has a better flavor then Crow which I have eaten a lot of lately.

You light up my life.

The Totality of Ones self is as simply as burning with the fire from within. I just wish it was that simple.

I have to come to see the great spirit

Fawn is making her way to see the great spirit, because she heard him calling.

We are happy to report that Fawn has made her way to the Great Spirit and they both doing just fine.

Look Close and meet Lumpy. He kept us entertained this summer with his Videos

You can view his videos on YouTube or just click these links. Their called The Attack of Lumpy and his sequel Lumpy up Close and Personal

Lumpy, Lumpy He’s our Man. If he can’t catch them, no one can. Go Lumpy!

Just last summer in Texas Be prepared it’s going to happen again.

It just so happens, that a 50 gallon Rain Barrels to help out with this very thing. Of course, we might have to order a couple of Rain Barrels to solve his problem here. But a least it’s a start and headed in the right direction.

All Weather Winter Greenhouse

This is on my wish list of things I wish to purchase for our Self Sustainability so we can garden and grow our fresh produce all year long.