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Just for the Hell of it


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"Human beings are on a journey of awareness, which has momentarily been interrupted by extraneous forces." We have a predator that came from the depths of the cosmos and took over the rule of our lives.


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The need to prepare for life in the Greater Galactic Community, I feel, is the greatest need there is in our world today. Yet, from my observation, people are preoccupied with their own affairs and their own problems in their daily lives, unaware of the greater forces that will change their destiny and affect their future. Thus they are already given to the power that rules their fate. However when one is willing to see a bigger picture, The Watchers Message will be here as knowledge.


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GOD IN A DOOR KNOB is a journey within. It has taken me years to remember this teaching, received years ago. It's been said, that life is a journey of remembering what we forget at birth. Spirit in cased at birth in a material meat suit best suited for physical life on this material plain, or plain of matter. It appears we must be trained as to the functions of this meat suit, along with all the rules, regulations, do's and don'ts for living on this material plain.

In the Twinkling of an Eye

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In the Twinkling of an Eye, The Totality of you! In the Twinkling of an Eye. You are! Realize, we are all-stars, as we twinkle in the eye of creation. In the Twinkling of an Eye, the As above, so below. In the Twinkling of an Eye understand, the flame that you are burns eternally. And shall never go out no matter [...]

Traveling at the Speed of Consciousness

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Traveling at the Speed of Consciousness, Light speed is just to Slow Dream Traveler Traveling at the Speed of Consciousness shared some Magic Traveling at the Speed of Consciousness Traveling at the Speed of Consciousness our Human Destiny opens up new realities and new worlds for our human discovery. Just imagine one can be any place at any time in an instant. Traveling at the Speed of Consciousness with the power of Spirit/Consciousness is beyond imagination. Consciousness is Spirit, and as such, can not be block by any substance or barrier known. Mind over matter is the common expression.

Is “Love” the Language of the Heart?

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Is "Love" the Language of the Heart? Feeling Love, Watch out there's a Woody around  Are you looking for Love in a Relationship? What is Love Anyway? Love and the Self are one. The discovery of either is the realization of both. Is "Love" the Language of the Heart? We are all functioning at a very small fraction of our capacity [...]

The Meaning of You

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You have Meaning, when you know, The Meaning of "You" The Meaning of "You". You are all. The Meaning of "You" maybe my last post, I publicly publish on the old paradigm. I have taken my last breath and slowing blowing it out. I have grown breathless from blowing on all the little God Sparks attempting to start fires in them. [...]

The Blinding White Light

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The Blinding White Light. Closing your eyes will not help. Spiritual Beings From the Darkness comes The Blinding White Light The Blinding White Light shines on us all. I had this Spiritual experience on Oct. 10, 2014 Friday night. The energies of this day were life changing and continued through the weekend. I will try to describe it using words, however words fall short in their meaning when it comes to this experience. Simply put, Experience is Wisdom.

A Viscous Circle

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A Viscous Circle maybe Viscous, However it's not a Circle. A Viscous Circle is not a Circle at all It looks like a Butterfly, Stings like a Bee. It's A Viscous Circle We live life in A Viscous Circle. Going in circles, chasing our own tales. This Viscous Circle is ominous until we open ourselves up to creation. Thus pop our Bubble of Perception. That's when we become the all SEEing/Cing EYE/I . In truth it's NOT A Viscous Circle at all here, but a Pyramid of Fear, Hope, and Doubt.

The Warrior’s Way

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The Warrior's Way, the Mood of a Warrior The Warrior's Way Before One becomes Chief, they must first live The Warrior's Way When I speak of a Warrior, I Am not referring to the fighting kind. The Warrior's Way is more of a way of life, a MOOD if you will. As the fighting kind of Warrior goes into battle Wide-awake, Alert, and ready for anything. We can use The Warrior's Way in the same Mood to adventure through life without the need for fighting life or petty concerns. The Warrior's Way allows the Wide-awake, Alert, experience of life. This is The Warrior's Way! The experience of life without the attitude of fighting life.

Flying On The Wings of Consciousness

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Flying on The Wings of Consciousness to visit friends Flying on the Wings of Consciousness, A conscious flight into the unknown. That becomes Known through Experience. A Conversation had with Friends. We share this concept together in the LOVE of all of Humanity. Flying on The Wings of Consciousness with The ARCTURIANS