Talkin’dirt and playin’dirty

We are lovin’ this time of year! Talkin’dirt and playin’dirty. Playing in the dirt is Nirvana to us. We are budding garden enthusiasts, we play with our red wigglers, they are great at twister! Disperse Rabbit and Alpaca Poo,mulch with straw and grass clippings commandeered from neighbors(chemical free of course!) We have carved out a veggie garden area,the deer have voracious appetites and a hell of a reach! Almost all of my flowers are in hanging baskets and I’m going to have to devise a pulley system to deadhead because if they are out of the deer’s reach they are certainly out of mine!

We have other critters who call our modest garden area home, A portly frog we call Lumpy-he enjoyed basking in our lettuce greens all day yesterday. We’ll post some pics. Then there is a furtive couple of  lizards  Zig and Zag, does anyone know why lizards do the push-up thing? Haven’t been able to catch a picture of them or Slim the youthful snake of unknown origin-no rattles so I’m good with it! If  he (or she) deters pesky rodents he is more than welcome to hang out!

We woke up to snow Friday morning and I had to work up the courage to check on our seedlings. They soldiered through it valiantly. Talkin’dirt and playin’dirty. PHEW!!So we spent the weekend tending and honoring our future bounty. And to be quite honest it is taking a bit of discipline to embark on this blogging adventure rather than being in my garden. Our purpose for entering the Blogosphere is to learn and share-pure and simple. And so it is with great joy and anticipation that we send this out into the ethers awaiting engagement. So until next time,

Talkin’ Dirt and playin”Dirty,