The Emerald Tablets, a Spirits Walk into Infinity

The Emerald Tablets

Look closely at The Emerald Tablets, One can see a bridge to eternity. All one need do is cross it.

In my Spirit walk. I have come upon some information that requires sharing. This maybe the oldest writing ever found on the earth. Made of a substance that is indestructible. The Emerald Tablets antiquity is stupendous, dating back some 36,000 years B.C. known as The Emerald Tables.

There are a number of mysteries that surround the Emerald Tablets information. But the information contained in The Emerald Tablets are worth the read. Again and again some say, at least a hundred times, so keep a copy of The Emerald Tablets handy.

It is not up to me to convince you there real or that the information contain is ethnic that is entirely up to your discernment . However they are a pretty green emerald color and that is the color of love, and the heart chakra.

Heart chakra of The Emerald Tablets

Take The Emerald Tablets to heart it’s a perfect match

The location and source of the original tablet or document are unknown. Said to be found under a pyramid in South America. It is only known through translations. The history of The Emerald Tablets is strange and beyond the belief of modern scientists. It is now believed that Thoth built the great pyramid which in reality is an eight sided pyramid.

 The Great Pyramid of the Emerald Tablets

Yep, the Great pyramid has eight sides as described in the Emerald Tablets


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